Starflight 3

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  • Showing my age here but are there any 80s/90s Starflight fans here?

    It's quite possible I wouldn't be the Freelancer addict I am today without Starflight as it was the first ever space exploration, action, sell stuff and upgrade your ship kind of game I ever played and owned. Of course in reality Elite had far more in common but sadly I never got to play that as a kid so for me it was Starflight haha.

    I came across the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) Starflight as a kid and eventually managed to own a copy that I played for years when I was around 13-14yrs old. I used to love getting out the galaxy map and working out where I'd explore wondering what aliens I'd meet and what sort of planets I'd find to land on and explore.

    Didn't find out until years later (when they invented this little thing called the internet haha) that I had been actually playing a remake of an old 80s PC & Amiga game and that there was a Starflight 2 sequel out there too. Like so many great old game series it's been dead for like 30years now and then suddenly out of the blue a crowdfunding campaign has been announced now in 2018 headed by the original SF1&2 lead designer Greg Johnson!

    They've started a 'kickstarter like' funding campaign over on Fig (never heard of Fig until now but it seems okay) here:

    Starflight 3: Funding Now on Fig

    Announcement vid:

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  • Before Freelancer, there was Starlancer, its the first time I hear about Starflight but it sure sounds fun, going to further check on the topic.

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