Freelancer Crossfire issues

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  • ey there. I hope this is the right section

    So I've been playing Crossfire for a few days just fine, until today. I deactivated the mod to change the Model I was playing as (it became unbearable). It gave me a message that the mod couldn't be deactivated properly, and that it required to load some sort of backups. I clicked "Yes" for some reason, and it deactivated successfuly. I tried to activate it again and then it gave me the same message thus not allowing me to activate the mod at all.

    Any help?

  • I moved it into the right section. NP.

    You have to reinstall original Freelancer to properly reactivate (or deactivate for that matter) Crossfire.

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  • it didnt deactivate correctly

    FLMM isnt able to deactivate large mods correctly

    a complete reinstall is required



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