game wont play

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  • Yes, just follow the guide, install game, no-cd patch that was linked here for downloading, then flmm (check its the same version) and CF, that should be all.

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  • Hmmmm?.... seems you need some help

  • i did follow this steps on this video

    only follow step 1 all other steps you can ingnore it do freelancer mod 1.3 and crossfire 2.0

    also when you finish step 1 you can go step 2 install freelancer mod 1.3 when you finish step 3 is install freelancer crossfire 2.0 when you finish you can go step 4 to activate Crossfire 2.0 mod

    and it works on me with no promblens

    i hope it works for you or help you

  • P.S. GOT THAT RATHER EXPENSIVE copy of freelancer in the mail just a few minutes ago,i got to much reinstalling to do right now,by the way if any one is looking for a online backup program i would not recommend idrive it's ui is very hard to work with and it takes days to back up an average hard drive and more days if u need to restore anything.

  • You can sort out widescreen support after you actually get the game running first ? First make the game run and test play it, then, we have few fixes from CF to make Freelancer work on widescreen without editing files yourself.

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  • i just here to help you. i hope it helped you from that link. i did play Crossfire 1.9 and i just got allots promblen. i just give up. but i just found out what did i do wrong .i just need to unstall crossfire 1.9 out of my mod or els it doesnt work on game. so if you got promblens alwees find to way to fix it :P

  • Hey Guys,when u say do a clean install of Freelancer ,flmm,and crossdfire,do u mean to delete only the installed copies of these programs? what about the crossfire 2.0 zip file that i have in my downloads file is it ok to keep those files that haven't been installed yet?by the way i dl ccleaner and i am ready to go.

  • im going play freelancer crossfire 2.0. but wich one should i do farming credits or explore system try find Nomad Depot. wich one should i choose?

  • Neither, simply explore, go where the wind takes you... or the storyline ? :P Following the extended storyline is usually a good idea

    Chars: [CFPD]Michael~something (x25), [CFPD]~SQMS~{[(store)]} (x3), [CFPD]xfer, Event~Manager~Michael, StarfIier~EM~Michael, Event_Team_2, [GR]Michael[SP] and a blueprint of [CFPD]Sephirothis

  • well i al ready end storline XD

  • what about nomad outpost that can be dock but its heavy shield it XD

    hidden secret mabye a hide in missioan that must be unlock with key