banned for just trying to connect to the server

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  • Hey guys,i was trying to play crossfire 2.0 today but kept getting a server crash,it said try again later, so i did and immediately got banned for just trying to connect to the server,i got a message that said the account i was using was banned no reason was given just banned, how wrong is that,please someone fix this,also i saw a brief message about writing down my mpid,but i dont know where it is?

  • For the ban, OP will likely check that.

    For the MP ID, its the long sequence of numbers you saw when first clicking on the "Multiplayer" button when you first played. You can also safely store it using tools like FL ID Changer or FLAM, both available to download here.

    Chars: [CFPD]Michael~something (x25), [CFPD]~SQMS~{[(store)]} (x3), [CFPD]xfer, Event~Manager~Michael, StarfIier~EM~Michael, Event_Team_2, [GR]Michael[SP] and a blueprint of [CFPD]Sephirothis

  • Odin Kree server anticheat checks if is your game properly installed, no other mod are allowed and is good also assure that your PC antivirus/firewall do not block mod files (happens in some cases). If is your game not working as should (for reasons mentioned earlier) then you will be banned again (automatically) when come to server.

  • Martind Forlon,i dont remember seeing a long string of numbers when i first logged on to mp,any way i can recover that i dl 1 of the files u posted earlier,as far as the server goes i have been playing in mp for the past 2 days with no problems and i don't have any other mods installed.

  • Martind Forlon,are those add- on u get included in the FLMM v1.3 considered mods?because i do have 1 of them enabled the nearly invulnerable shields one ,alto i don't think it works because i still get killed,if it's considered a mod i will turn it off,even tho i have had it turned on now for 2 1/2 days,if it is considered a mod why didn't the game launched detect it sooner?

  • Yes it is a mod but when launching the game, it got automatically removed/fixed, maybe if you opened FLMM after starting game, idk, but yeah anticheat works xD Its also probable there was something else causing it that wasnt related to you, just have to wait for OP.

    Chars: [CFPD]Michael~something (x25), [CFPD]~SQMS~{[(store)]} (x3), [CFPD]xfer, Event~Manager~Michael, StarfIier~EM~Michael, Event_Team_2, [GR]Michael[SP] and a blueprint of [CFPD]Sephirothis

  • Michael, no i didn't open the FLMM after i started the game,i did it at the same time,first i installed crossfire 2.0 then i enabled the shields mod,everything has been ok until today,i started getting server crashes,so i waited for awhile then the banned thing. anyway SWAT-OP-BRB is looking at it but he is busy so it might take awhile.

  • not exactly busy...

    its just... from time to time the server shows me the middle finger when I am trying to connect.

    I have two options then... do a hard reset which kicks everyone else from the server for the next 15-20 minutes... or wait patiently until this stubborn piece of tech feels like I am worthy to connect.

    You know...

    The server and I are still trying to figure out who has the final say.

    you are unbanned btw.

    it showed a ship related cheat... which usually appears when people dont restart after the daily server maintenance (early in the morning -> EU). That you should restart your game when the console messages appear.... or better to say after the server actually restarted after these console messages.



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