Battleship and dreadnought Virginia handling / mass inertia / rotation mass center

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  • Hey there,

    first of all crossfire is a great mod!

    I have always loved to play supermacy dreadnoughts and battleships. Like the liberty dreadnought virginia.

    Unfortunately it feels like a paper spacecraft.

    The mass inertia and behavior is catastrophic and kills a lot of fun while playing. It feels like a toy.

    Even very small objects, like fragments of an exploding fighter, can flip over the complete ship 360° in a second.

    In fights the battleship can be turned around the mass center by a little fighter. That makes it very difficult to aim. A PVP player who knows that can crash the ship all the time and the battleship will not stop turning and flipping. The turning speed looks lite to bee to fast for a big ship like this. The sulforge Train does this better. Although the train can be flipped and turned around the mass center in the same way.

    A smaller problem is the docking with trade lanes. The dreadnought often gets stuck on the border of the generated ring.
    But the main problem is the mass inertia.

    I tried to fix it in the "shiparch.ini"

    but it does not have any effect.

    Is it possible to adjust the mass inertia and turning behavior from a paper weight to a massive battleship?

    Thanks for help.

    Best regards.


  • not without messing up all fighter class ships

    the game was not build to support battleships and fitting physics for them

    increasing mass comes with many negative side effects and might push the ship around even worse.



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  • Had own tests of more mass and inertia combinations many years ago, they all ended up bad and was not able to make a stable battleship that also actually moves, properly, and doesnt shoot away at lightspeed in certain cases. As it is now, at least you can turn the ship fast enough as well as using turret view to aim anywhere while being a battleship PvPer to shoot at any mosquito around you.

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  • Greetings, I have feeling that freelacer and its mods will stay here few more years before SC get released (if will be released at all).

  • Changing the "behaviour" as in how mass and/or inertia works of course affects everything that has mass. You can change (Not on CF though ;) ) the mass of a ship in any way but with undesirable results.

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