Capships Get Another Upgrade in Next MUP

  • [feedquote='Wing Commander News','']Plans for the next iteration of the Secret Ops

    Model Upgrade Pack

    are now coming together. New capships items are being tested, and the very cool Nephilim CSM we saw last week will make an appearance.


    is targeting late May since there is a lot yet to do, but here are some neat photos to share some of the latest.


    Hello Wingnuts! I wanted to take a minute and read out a status check on the next release. The team is targeting the end of May for the next release, we've filled our tester role and are currently working on the capship assets as those take the most time, but also on some smaller, but no less important additions like the alien cap ship missile and the mine. The package is shaping up with all the assets and features listed in the last post and, if time permits, we'll try and add in at least one Confed station - most likely the Commfac.