Color Cats Come Calling

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    has drawn some interesting colorizations of WC1's Kilrathi aces. They're rather well done with good diversity of armor color and fur styles. And he actually mostly did them without knowledge of the Japanese Claw Marks that has its

    own take

    on each of the characters, which provides for an interesting comparison. There's two versions of Khajja so that Maverick could test out both Lion and Panther-themed coats. We know there's an

    enormous range

    of possible Kilrathi fur pigments, so everything here's plausible!


    So in a sort of weird not exactly but still connected tangent to my idea of a Wing Commander Miniatures game, I did some coloring of the image of the Kilrathi Ace, Bhurak Star Killer. And then I decided to do all 4 of the Kilrathi aces from Wing Commander 1.