Engineering [ED 3.x]

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    Note: below listed are changes to the engineering which were introduced into Elite Dangerous with Season 3.

    [heading]3.0 Changes:[/heading]

    • EVERY roll will give you better result as you had up to maximum (limited amount of rolls to reach maximum).
    • EVERY equipment must be now upgraded from lvl 1. Reputation with engineer now affect the speed of engineering, i.e. amount of rolls needed to pass lvl. For example newbie may need 3 rolls for pass lvl 1, but veteran, which used this engineer services often, will need only 1 roll.
    • For EACH engineer you can have pinned ONE blueprint which will pin its whole range which this engineer offer, i.e. if engineer can do chosen upgrade up to 5lvl, you will pin this blueprint with whole range from lvl1 to lvl5. Pinned blueprints can be used in "Remote engineering" which is special service available on each base which have outfitting.
    • Micro-Materials (Data) now have each its own amount limit, which is based on theirs Tier (rarity). Tier 1 (very common): 300, Tier 2: 250, Tier 3: 200, Tier 4: 150, Tier 5 (very rare): 100 samples.
    • Micro-Materials (Data) can be now exchanged (higher tier materials give more samples of lower tier materials and vice versa) on Material traders:

      • Raw Materials Trader: found at extraction and refinery economies, only trades in raw material found on planet surfaces and planetary rings.
      • Manufactured Materials Trader: Found at industrial economies, only trades in manufactured materials.
      • Encoded Materials Trader: Found at High Tech and Military economies, only trades in encoded materials.
      • Systems also need to be mid to high security systems and have populations between 1,000,000 and 22,000,000.

    • Experimental effect (ONLY by Engineer!) is now "paid" functionality. It means that you pay for it with given amount of Micro-Materials and you can apply or re-apply another one anytime without losing reputation with engineer or already modded effect. Is also good to know that now can have experimental effect almost every equipment (before only weapons).
    • Legacy modules (engineered before 3.0) can be converted to the new model only by appropriate Engineer. Doing so, you with lose experimental effect (weapons only) and also one lvl of upgrade, i.e. lvl5 long-range pulse laser with emmisive experimental effect, will be converted into maxed lvl4 long-range without experimental effect.
  • [heading]Useful details/tips:[/heading]

    • Armored powerplant now have also base bonus to produced energy which can be even improved with "monstered" experimental effect. This upgrade is good for all ships which have weak(er) shields and is expectable that will need dealt with hull damage. Chieftain or FAS are perfect examples for ships which will have the best use for armored powerplant. Power-plant is usually the first targeted module in PvP.
    • Thermal vent special effect is ideal for beam weapons, ... if you will hit your target, you can completely cool your ship.
    • (atm) do not use "High Yield Shell" experimental effect (for canons) which was before 3.0 widely used to demolish modules of target. There is now wrongly applied 50% penalty to raw damage (instead only to the damage dealt to modules) and it will make weapon practically useless.
    • For every laser weapon is worth think about long-range modification, which will except extended fire-range also remove fall of damage based on distance to the target. Normal laser weapon do full damage only up to 600 m and then damage decreases (at maximum fire range it does only small fragment of raw damage). With long-range modification you will inflict FULL damage also at weapon maximum fire-range. Just lvl 1 modification can have huge benefits for you.
    • For shields is the best (if you want remove weaknesses) use "thermal resistant" modification.
    • "Clean" modification to thrusters will be most useful for explorers (or those who travel longer distances and use often fuel scoop), because during fuel-scooping it significantly decrease built heat and also helps on high gravity planets where charging FSD rise ship temperature quickly. In all other cases are better choice "Dirty drives".
    • ... tbu.