Video Tutorial Shows Birth Of A WC Fan Project

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    has posted something a little different. Lots of talented Wingnuts upload videos of the works in progress, but CMP recently livestreamed the entire creative process. He goes through bit-by-bit looking up tutorials, sampling graphics and writing Unity code. And in the end, he has a tiny mobile Hornet! He's got some work to do to reach his goal of developing a rudimentary top-down WC clone, but it's a very interesting look at how the sausage is made.

    Making a (very basic) 2D (top down) demake of Wing Commander PC game from the 1990's. Made in Unity 3D, we import a sprite for our spaceship and add some basic controls and get our ship to move and turn.

    Fly a Hornet (Rotate, Translate/Move)
    Shoot Lasers
    Fire Dumbfire Missiles
    Blow something up (An Asteroid!?)