Star Wars Excitement Spills Over Into Wing Commander

  • [feedquote='Wing Commander News','']Mark Hamill's return to the Star Wars series and starring role in

    The Last Jedi

    has also sparked a wave of interest in his work between epic film projects. The gaming press has largely already done this thanks to Mr. Hamill's role in

    Star Citizen

    , but now it's spreading to a more mainstream audience. A recent article at


    highlights this. The hook is that the author has fond memories from playing WC4 in the '90s, but isn't the type of person to figure out that the game is

    easily playable

    on modern computers (with higher resolution DVD movies) at places like Instead, he's found someone who's uploaded

    all of the movies

    to YouTube and caught up that way. Despite playing to the stereotypes of early video game FMV, it's hard for the author not to also be swayed by some of the nostalgia that comes rushing back after all these years. Clearly he's not alone, and there's likely more than a few former pilots out there looking to relive some of the fun. If you know people in this boat, let them know that all the WC games are available at


    ! And you can find the full article referenced today




    I’m not sure I can fully convey just how entertained I was watching this, but what struck me the most was that these cutscenes somehow simultaneously represent the pinnacle of what could be accomplished twenty years ago, while also providing a clear example of just how far we’ve come (both in terms of technological advancement, as well as developing narrative in video games) since then.