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  • Does Your Commander have a backstory? Some Tragic event that turned him/her into the cold hearted bastard they are today? Is there some mysterious explanation for why your commander is being chased by "unknown" enemies? Do you have a 5 paragraph essay as to why your Commander is the greatest commander? Go ahead and drop a reply with character bios of Your Commander

  • [heading]Cantana Focks[/heading]
    Cantana Focks had been a lot of places in his life. Yeah, he grew up in the Sirius sector with a wealthy "privileged" family, yet he's had experiences with humility and having to earn something he wanted. Not many people know what happened to him after he left the Sirius Sector. Some say he went to another galaxy beyond our own and there's even one Galnet channel called DataConflict (get it? Like Infowars?) that suggested he was abducted by yet another alien species called "Nomads" or Dom'ka-something. But for the most part, Focks wasn't an everyday subject of conversation, unless something happened related to Focks Industries or a child was doing a report on Cantana for school.

    In Any case, Cantana found himself back at the Planet Crossfire bar, sitting at the counter, pounding back what must've been his 3rd or 4th Tarsus Tequila. For not being much of a drinker, Focks really knew how to hold his liquor, even he was definitely too impaired to fly. Muttering it'll be fine when the bartender tried to stop him from leaving after paying for the drinks, Cantana stumbled over to his ship. Wanting to fly incognito, he chose this second hand Patriot light fighter, peddled to him as the very ship flown by LSF Agent King way back in the day. Seeing as how the REAL ship was sitting bricked in a garage on Planet Los Angeles with plasma burns and bullet holes, he bought it to humor the salesman. He hopped in, set the coordinates for "That way" and took off into unknown corners of X3403.

    Days went by as the little light fighter swam it's way through the void of the Big Empty. Cantana had shut down all unnecessary systems and now after all this time in deep space that ship was running on the last 10% of power. Ice had formed over the console and the Patriot's interior had taken a spooky graveyard look. Focks had prepared for this moment as it seemed he was unlikely to find another human for at least another eternity. A special made life pod was designed and built for Focks to put him in a state of suspended animation in the event his only inevitability was to drift through space as a frozen bag of meat and bones. Self Preservation has always been a personal interest of Cantana, as it is with most space farers.

    Weeks go by, if not months with Cantana Focks frozen body in that tiny ship. hundreds of light years later, An Anaconda filled with rich tourists, Ceos, medical professionals and other wealthy citizens is visiting a beacon on the border of The Bubble, to mark where the unknown ultimately begins. On the Bridge, a signal is picked up by one of the crew members, identifying it as a life pod with faint brain and cardiovascular activity. The Commander orders the cargo scoop deployed and has the ship brought about to pick up Cantana after drifting near lifelessly through the void of space. "By the tics on on the counter" the analyst said to the Commander "it's been drifting for 6 months, 23 days, 4 hours, 17 minutes and 33 seconds since the Cryo sequence began."

    "Is it possible to wake this dude up?" The Commander asks the CMO. "Yes sir, we can reanimate this guy without any side effects. This pod was designed to possibly go decades, if not 100 years to keeping whoever is inside alive. Would you like me to proceed, Commander Forlon?"

    After a slight pause, Commander Forlon gives order to proceed and the chief medical officer begins the sequence to wake up this survivor. The Clasps on the side of the pod crack open as a hissing sound is heard. Commander Forlon gives an uneasy look to the CMO but he raises his hand in assurance that everything will be okay. The pod Thumps open and vapors start dissipating into the cold of the cargo bay. A body falls out onto his hands and knees letting out a wretch followed by the sound of vomit hitting floor. He stands up and Commander Forlon casually says "never thought it'd be you i run into out here....Cantana Focks."

    So in short, Cantana drifted in space for 6 months where he got picked up by an old friend from back in the Sirius Sector. A literal 1 in a Bazillion chance. Martind Forlon was able to get Focks on his feet in this society with a Sidewinder, some basic weaponry and a little extra scratch to live on and make more money. Fast Forward to now and Cantana Focks runs a successful freelance taxi and tourist transport.