Academy Concept Art Shows Off WC3 Roots

  • [feedquote='Wing Commander News','']Renowned comic and storyboard artist

    Tim Eldred

    has posted a couple of neat pictures to his


    . They feature concept sketch work that he did for Wing Commander


    before the show was made. These were done early in his professional life and ended up influencing the rest of his career. The first shot shows several Confed fighters, including the




    that only ended up being featured in the first episode. At this point in development, the idea was that the TV series would primarily feature the cast of WC3 during their Academy years. This leads into the second sketch of the team as pilots, and this includes a young Flint instead of Archer! Very cool. Mr. Eldred is also working on a new graphic sci-fi novel series, Pitsberg, that you can find online




    Presentation piece for the Wing Commander Academy TV pitch (Universal animation studio), 1996. This lead to my first-ever cartoon gig, and opened the path I'm still on today. #animation #scifi #wingcommander See my current SF webcomic at!