• I really did try.
    I worked an honest career. Didn't take any bribes or kickbacks. I took my (meager) pension an tried to settle down.
    At first, I thought I'd try farming down in Stuttgart. That lasted all of about a year. Then, It was back to the trades, working with my hands. I repaired drilling lasers for the Miner's Guild. Next, I tried steady work processing shipments for the GMG.
    Luxury food, rocks or gas. It was all just a diversion for me.
    I got bored, and began to drink and gamble... real bad. Did some stuff both illegal and immoral. What few friends I had left wouldn't answer their comm links. I was so low. I really thought about an early check-out.
    I remember I woke-up in some back alley in Edinburgh, just rolled by some young Mollys. I saw an ad in the Bretonia Times adverting some used cryotubes for sale. Suddenly, I felt tired. I felt like taking a nap. A long one. So I did.

    So, here it is, many years later. I'm defrosted, and having a look around.
    It's the same mess it's always been. Smugglers, pirates and other assorted vermin running rampant. The cops and military are overworked, and sometimes not even trying. Who can blame them? All the major houses are corrupt. The corporations step on the little guys. No one sticks their neck out. No one stands for anything.

    Well, I'm bored. And I'm stirred-up. I don't have the reflexes I once had, but I am getting back in the saddle. I should have been dead a long time ago. I don't have much to lose.
    When I was with the Crossfire Police (CFPD), there were WAY too many rules. I'm playing by my own rules now.
    You might see me out there. Or, maybe not. I like to just hang back. I might be in a transport, or some Starflier. If you're a scum-sucking criminal, I'll be watching you. And I might not be alone.
    I never paid for all my sins. But the least I can do is make you pay for yours.