The War is the only diplomacy for a PG

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  • The Praetorian Guard is reborn from these ashes, awakened some years ago by an artifact Dom'Kavash opening a breach on a dimension until then unknown to all, an area of space where only one thing remained there, A place specially created to keep them in hibernation so as not to wake them up in case of emergency, the creators of this area named '' the nothingness' 'had sealed it so that nobody could use it to release what' Was contained there. The Ancient Legion of the Dom'Rokin Empire.

    At the opening of this breach by a Dom'Kavash artefact, no one thought that this "key" had the power to expel the nomads but also to bring other things, fortunately for Sirius, the Legion were in Largely destroyed during their long sleep, only a handful of fighter and leader survived.

    When they arrived in Sirius, they were disconcerted by what they saw, the celestial ships that formerly flying gracefully, dominating the horizon, are no longer, the planets created to serve as a place of worship disappeared. They found with exploring of the galaxy , a ancient building of Dom'Rokin, a sphere of dyson, occupied by what he could compared to insects.

    Finding no sign of their former leader, nor place to take refuge before their existence is discovered by the human, the Guards Praetorien who managed to find themselves have he hid in a station not far from Tau 23

    As soon as they were installed in this disused base, they began by studying humans, understanding their way of life, evolving and speaking, very quickly, the squadrons of the Guard Preatorian founded themselves in the mass, hiding their identity By using conventional vessels, unable to reveal their true nature, for it would provoke the anger of the Dom'Kavash who would hurry to track them down in order to erase all trace of their ancestry and cruelty.

    That is why the Guard Preatorian made the promise to control the sirius sector by all means in order to revive the customs and tradition of the Dom'Rokin and to punish the Dom'Kavash empire for the shame they have Towards their ancestor.

    Message recovered during an exploration in Epsilon Eridani, in a wreck now destroyed.
    Former artillery commander Erdnaxela Teguor
    28/14/3200 the war begin