Banned for asking questions?

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  • Hey alI, I have just had my account banned by for asking questions to a GR. Apparently as a player over level 40 I cant stay in NY for over 10mins? Is this a new rule or do i need to read up? I was helping a new player get a trade ship and went afk for a few mins, then when i got back I got kicked. When i relaunched I asked why i got kicked and the GR made my char bankrupt, told me not to question GR, then GR banned my account? Is this reasonable? I think it is a bit extreme as i was trying to comply with the instruction and this kind of extreme reaction does not help us keep players. Any thoughts on this and how do i get my account back on?

    thanks all, Fleanut

  • It is a rule that a player over level 40 cannot stay in NY for an extended period of time. It's a rule. Not really up for discussion. There is really no "time limit" as long as youre not AFK or general idling and you don't disconnect while your ship is docked somewhere in the NY system. I know the Trenton outpost bar has the best drinks in Liberty, but NY is a busy system and public docking pads are hard to find so we gotta make room for everyone ;)

    PVP is disabled in NY. Players used put their storage characters in NY or stronger characters would prey on lower lever players. It's helpful for new players but can be abused and ruin the fun for others

    I don't exactly know how this all went down, but the only reason I can think of you'd become broke and banned from a GR is because you decided to argue with the GRs or ignore them. Some of them have no problems swinging the banhammer and others are really chill.

  • there might be more to this matter than you have actually mentioned. the "GR" are polite in most decisions. knowing most of them in actions on the server, find it very hard that you would have been spoken too like that. when afk as mentioned, the last player was right, in all that he said.
    it,s important to mention that a lot of players, especially new players don,t read the forums. also a lot of experienced players tend to forget or at times know there breaking the rules there, in new york.

    if the "GR"continued to put harder penalties on you. then maybe you did not follow his instructions to you. :(

  • Hello Lil'Flint,
    your account is unbanned now (I used char names FLeanut and Detritophage) and 6.6 mill credits are returned to your bank.

    Not sure if I am right, but it looks like there was a misunderstanding about the New York rule, in result of which you were kicked once, and after a following talk with a GR member you were fined and banned for breaking the rule "Respect Server Police [GR] & Administration".

    Since all of this wouldn't have happened without the mistaken 1st kick, then the ban should be removed too. I hope other GRs will agree with this logic, and hope you will be more careful with serverpolice next time :) (They are humans too and may overreact sometimes)

  • The NY rule is there to prevent that people use the System to avoid any kind of Roleplay.
    As starting system low level players are allowed to stay there but as soon players have a rank high enough to participate in roleplay this System should only be used to pass through or to help other low level players.
    If a GR member asks to leave the system it would be a wise decision to hurry a bit.

    positive responses could be: "yes", "yes, sir", "on my way out", "give me a min, ill be out shortly".
    if you are a pirate you are free to replace "sir" with "arrrr"



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  • Thanks to all for your responses and very pleased to be unbanned :). I would just like to say in no was was I arguing or disrespectful to GR, I just asked for an explanation, yes it seems the delay with me being afk caused some confusion leading to me being banned. Anyway all is good now and no harm done, I will be mindful of the NY guidelines and hope not to cause conflict again.