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  • See, here's the thing. If people want roleplay, i can bring roleplay. Except what are you supposed to do when you fly right in front of a TSH Deputy with a cargo hold full of nukes and he does NOTHING?

    I have lots of ideas to bring roleplay to CF. Some are either "too extreme" and others are too unconventional. The Sirius Federal Police had a GREAT run being corrupt police officers. It was PX who was causing all the troubles. CFPD also brought enormous amounts of RP to the server but what happened? people got annoyed, it sometimes got out of hand, people would end up going to cry to OP because someone hurt their feelings.

    Can i implement those ideas? Absolutely! Do i think it's worth the time and energy? No, because i have a life...

  • Well sir, I am really curious about your ideas, maybe you can share a few of those :)

    Even show them :)

  • See the latest update at the end of the main post :)

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  • here's something i don't understand. Why does every encounter with another RP have to automatically be a space battle? It's like that's not fun. If i wanted to PVP, i would go to Arena. But if i wanted to shake down a pirate without it being an aggressive encounter, oh no. Just ignore me and go "lol, go"

    You wanted role play, i give you role play. But i'm not gonna waste my time trying to make this server interesting if it's always gonna end in a pvp battle. that's no fun

    Ever wonder why i never am on the server? because i'm not any good at PVP. I really never was. I played this game so for long because it was a reliable place to let my imagination go crazy a little bit. I'm one of those types of people who gets zero joy out of playing video games when all i'm doing is getting killed getting from point a to point b. thats....not fun. CF1.7 was the Golden Years of CF. #NeverForget

    Not only that, i sit in front of a computer for a living and i can't sit in front of my own computer for more than a couple hours at a time and it's tiresome. There's just not enough people who share my vision and willing to help make that vision a reality. Get 3 or 4 people on a role play mission and suddenly the whole server is in on it. And it's not one big giant pvp f**kfest. And i'm not just talking about the IC expedition missions or things like that. Ya'll just wanted the base in IC so you had some place to save. Nobody wrote a story about it's significance, harrowing tales of gallantry when a Train was under attack and was saved by whoever. I wasn't there for that construction but it would be neat if a new guy gets to the IC, sees the base after reading this epic tale of it's construction and is like "wow....i can't believe i'm here..."

    I'd rather share my wisdom on the forums, lol.

  • If i wanted to PVP, i would go to Arena

    Arena is a place where you test your ship, not the only place where PvP is allowed :-)
    This a role play server.
    When you are not good in PvP, I would glad to train you.

    What do you think shall we do? Trade the whole time? Stay only in Arena for PvP? In my opinion, this is be boring! We had this times where all the bad guys play other games than CF, and we are only trade and no attacked each other because are "friends". Belive, this is boring! :-)
    Ok, permanent attacked is also boring. So, what shall we do? I guess, it is good when we will find the middle way between massive RP and no-RP.

    If you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen! :-)

  • It is never as simple as "role play" OR "PVP".
    It's about using your brain. You have to know where things are. Where YOU can hide, and where HE can ambush from.
    Sun Tzu: Know your enemy as you know yourself. Observe and learn.
    PVP is a gamble. You place your bet when you think you can win. If you think you can't, you get as far away from the table as possible. Simple.
    If players are getting "jumped" every time they log-on, that's not healthy. Might be fun for you, but folks get sick of that. The rules say "Lvl 40, blah, blah..." Use common sense.
    PVP in role play is fun, if it's not over done. Fun is the goal. Not player stats.