The smoky Voice

  • Operations room of the human Jormdar base Deep Space 17

    “Schulze, open channels to all DS17-project-members” odered Dennzio Horatius Almany.

    “OK Sir, but some of them might be unavailable since they also have a real life beside this project” was the answer of Schulze.

    “A real life beside DS17 ... i almost forgot ... however, tell me when ready. I go to our new bar for coffee meanwhile.”

    While Schulze tried to figure out the positions of the project members, he heard some loud curses from the bar: “Damn pilots, always think about their alcohol and forget my coffee!” After 2 minutes he called Dennzio: “Sir, we are ready!” Still cursing with red face Dennzio came back.

    “Hi boss” was Danzels first call.

    “Hi comrade” said the scarfaced Coalitioner Ajay.

    “Hello denne” the clanleader of Fallen and Thomas said in same time.

    Dennzio looked with serious face into the intercom screen and replied: “Hi there. Thank you for interrupting your current actions. I have something to tell you.” Then he turned to Schulze “What is with IOC, TSH and Boyster?”

    “Sir, their status is unknown.”

    “OK.” Dennzio turned back to the screen. “Have you heard about the notorious pirate clan AS? It seems they are back again. Their CL called me and said something about ‘things will change now’.”

    “Competition is good for business” the Fallen leader Mercenaro smiled.

    “Right, basically i’m also happy to have another clan busy, it is good for our business as well. But this guy wants to know it. OK, here is his message.” Dennzio typed some commands in the console and an audio file with a slow, deep and smoky voice was played: “You really think, you can build your tiny cute base in Jormdar and make business without us? Sweeeet. Now here is my concern: Transfer 100 billion credits to my balance! Otherwise i will make your life as hell. I will wait from where you never expect me. I’ll throw missiles, mines and torps on you, that you’ll get deaf. Have you seen any cops recently? Well, me neither. I demand an official answer within 24 hours. Have a nice day.”

    Dennzio looked into the screen. “It sounds more serious than it is. As far as we know, the AS clan is still a one man show. This might change in the future, but at the moment i don’t see the necessity to pay 100 billions. Beside this, i doubt, we have that much.”

    Ajay was the first with his speech: “Have you heard his smiling? I’m pretty sure, he wants just to troll us.”

    “Not sure about that. But 100 billions are definitely too much” was Thomas’ answer.

    Dennzio replied: “One of our members, call sign Destructor, said something similar and suggested that we pay 100 credits. In my opinion this is the right answer. But just in case, always check your radar. If you smell the slightest trace of an AS-fart call any member of the DP-clan. At the moment we have the most powerful fighters. If this crazy pirate dares to tax you, you are welcome to set a big fat bounty on him. Do you agree with that?”.

    They all did.

    “OK, thank you all. Dennzio out.”

    Schulze switched some buttons and asked. “Sir, just 100 credits for this crazy pirate? Don’t you think, this will make him even more angry?”

    “Oh, i hope so.” Dennzio narrowed his eyes and grined evil. Then he smiled and whistled parts of the song “i remember good ol’ times” and went to the bar.

    “At least he is in a good mood again” Schulze sighed.


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