Enemy Xtreme Eliminators

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  • Well a big gratz's to our clan we have been active for 16 years.We would like to thank the dedication of the players who stayed for the times of hardship and relocations of the clan in difference battle games. Thankyou for up holding the reputation of our clan as an anti-cheat and good nature players and also almost every situation. All of our members have their own reasons for fighting. Choose yours and join us in exploring the unknown and defending our home. In some situation we will /tax /kill or /run Smuggler's, Pirate's, Police, Mercenary's and freelancer's We may hire Mercenary's and other Pirate's to help in situations we fill we need help in. Its properly best just to pay.

  • :salutes Hi Tony! /Anthony ! It is Great that we Have a Old But New Clan in the Mod :) I hope that the EXE clan will be here for Some time and Help Spice up the Game ! And off course Have Large Amounts of FUN !!! :police::salutes

    :salutesFools Rush In Where Angels Fear To Tread :patsch: :salutes
    :salutes A Fool and Their Credits are Easily Parted :D
    :salutes Softly, Softly, Catchy Freelancer :P:salutes
    :salutes SMILE :) It Breaks up the Time Between Disasters :thumbsup:
    :salutes I can Only Please one Person Per Day.Today is Not Your Day And Tomorrow does Not Look Good Either :thumbdown: :salutes