Dark times ahead

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  • Libra Tower in Sea_of_Shadows

    Dark times ahead

    On the police central base in the Sea of Shadows a high alert protocol was activated. Personnel were at designated positions and waiting for further orders, but nothing obvious was going on. Rumors were slowly spreading between the personnel, that all this started with two small freighters arriving at the base only a hour ago. The base shield was activated, all incoming and outgoing traffic was halted, and long-range comms were blocked. The central planning and operation rooms were locked and secured.

    Commissioner Forlon observed details in the holotank about the Omicron systems controlled by the Corsairs. Then he turned, looked at two officers and one man dressed in civilian suit and asked: "So, what do we have here? Please give me a short summary and then we can proceed with details!" The first to speak was the the civilian, then the officers and from from the provided intelligence arised a much clearer picture about the organization called the "Republic Alliance". Leader of this organization should be a person known as Revan, but it seems lately there are doubts rising if this is still valid information. Republic Alliance was known for lucrative contracts and black market deliveries, but ... but a few days ago an pirate incident was reported from New Berlin where the attacker ship had registration belonging to person known as the RA follower.


    A small communicator on Forlon's left hand beeped and displayed information about incoming encrypted message. He allowed its processing and after the message was decrypted he quickly read its content. "We should have some new important intelligence soon", he announced to the others. "Libra Tower shield was just deactivated to allow docking for one of our undercover operatives. He is on his way here ..."

    Only a few minutes had passed when the door to the operations room opened. A tall man with deep scratches in his face entered. Forlon briefly looked on him and with a sigh asked: "Were your suspicions right, Tribbs? Looking at your face I have a bad feeling that you found exactly that which you had predicted." Tribbs with a crooked smile answered: "Alas, it was more ... :/ ... I did Give The RA some Nomad Weps, this was in Exchange for Unlimited Passage in Their System. That Part worked well, but Then I got an Invite from a Guy named Cantana. It was a Bit Strange that he asked me come to him, but the coordinates he gave were far from normal Routes in Omicron Gamma, the map showed only empty space there. But what better idea was there then I should go there??

    StarForge, Omicron_Gamma
    I have fast gathered Experience, that Maps are Not Always True!! You can find Details in Report, completely new huge Base is hidden in dark space. I got Permission to Dock and the we Met ... details are also in my report ... in Short, Republic alliance


    led now by Cantana. He has changed alliance Orientation into Piracy and he himself is a Cold Murderer!! One person was shot by him right in front of my eyes ... then he breached my cover, announced his demands and "asked" me work for him ... "

    Forlon sat silently for a brief moment, then he decided: "Good, that is bad news, but at least we know now. We missed opportunity to delay the build of the pirates station, and considering the fact that we are a lonely police organization facing multiple pirate threats, we are in quite a bad situation; Dark Times are coming! But police are always in disadvantage and therefore time has come, when we will need to raise the stakes! Listen carefully, from now on, everyone supplying pirate bases is considered during that time to be a criminal and can be dealt with accordingly. There will be many protests, and many will want to hide their operations behind lawful trade. Give them a chance, observe their travels and then act as needed. Complainers can come to me if want :) . I do not say that there should not exist exceptions, but this will be evaluated case by case. That's all for now gentlemen, you have your orders! The meeting is ended ... hmm, Tribbs, can you wait please! I want to speak with you privately about what exactly Mr. Cantana told you ..."

  • I guess could be really good pirate if decide to do so :P