Who Is Focks Industries

  • So i'm writing this to help explain what kind of Role play Focks Industries participates in.

    The Official Description:


    Focks Industries was founded in 815AS by Cantana Focks' Father Rigel Focks who started out as a small freighter captain from Planet Denver at the age of 21. His freight was anything that anybody was willing to pay Rigel to move. His motto at the time was "No Worries and no questions." After working his way up from a piloting a Rhino-class ship, he was able to purchase office space from long time friend Sherry Krate on Planet Los Angeles. Her only wish was to join Rigel Focks in business in exchange for her Office space and of course, a cut of the profits. In 821AS, Rigel Focks and Sherry Krate married and from there, Rigel Focks established Focks Industries. one small offfice grew into 2, then expanded out of Liberty space into Bretonia. Focks realized he was going to find more sources of income to pay for his so-far successful business. Contracts were made, rivals were squashed or bought and his name grew.By 822AS, Focks industries was the fastest growing Multi-system corporations who's net worth is currently more than the GDP of Liberty, Bretonia, Kusari and Rheinland put together. In the final months of 823AS, Rigel Focks built a small space station in the Altair Sector just outside of sanctioned space and retired. Rigel Focks was never heard from again. Sherry who was upset at her husbands decision to retire early took Focks Industries into her hands. Mrs. Focks made a few too many bad deals the following year, partly due to a baby on the way. Cantana Focks was born 824AS in an escape Capsule after Rigels flagship, The Mississippi Queen, suffered a Nomad ambush. Sherry Focks died a month after her son was born. Cantana was not aware of his parents former empire until one day while working on the Kensington Shipping Platform. A trader saw his name patch on his uniform and instantly recognized the name who then explained to Young Cantana of the former Focks Legacy. Under advice from the trader, He took his savings, bought a Rhino Class Frieghter and set out to reestablish Focks Industries as one of the greatest Mega-Corporations the Galaxy has ever seen....

    So what kind of RP is Focks Industries? It's Everything. It's got the basics of a Mercenary but goes about it another way. FI will pay to have someone offed, but they'll also pay to have cargo moved following Rigel Focks motto of "No Worries, No Questions." Theres red tape attached when attempting to land a contract of course but its well within reason. If i approach a player with a contract, it'll look like i'm lazy and don't want to do the work, but it's all for the roleplay. FI will contract expeditions, Information seeking, trade, protection and even going along with general roleplay throughout the server

    its for fun only. I don't take this game seriously enough to flip out if someone doesn't complete a contract but enough to hopefully have any impact on server roleplay.

    I can't do it alone though. I've only got one ship and the availability of work is practically none. donations are accepted and will be Reciprocated. If there are a few Like minded individuals with a willingness to help stimulate activity on the server, please contact me. I Kinda want this to be a server clan...