Roberts Space Industries Moves To New Home

  • Chris Roberts and team at the Los Angeles-based headquarters of

    Cloud Imperium Games

    are in the process of relocating this weekend. They've closed up shop at the historic 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica now that they've run out of room to expand in that location. Here's some pictures of the Wing Commander decorations that they used to decorate (until yesterday). The good news is that the new location should allow for display of even more cool artifacts! Check out the movie models for the Concordia, Tiger's Claw and Diligent in the first row of shots below. There's also a Wingnuts' dream shelf containing a wide variety of WC products - many of which are still in their original shrink wrap. Not to be outdone, Chris himself


    in front of the giant star map from the WC Movie opening as well as a Snakier model. Other misc concept art and promotional posters can be found throughout.

    cig_office1t.jpgcig_office2t.jpgcig_office3t.jpgcig_office4t.jpgcig_office5t.jpgcig_office6t.jpgrsi_announcement32t.jpgcitizencon2014_1t.jpgcig_office7t.jpgcig_office8t.jpgcig_office9t.jpg Here's everything in the process of being packed up:

    cig_office10t.jpgcig_office11t.jpgcig_office12t.jpgcig_office13t.jpg And the new office space, ready to unpack!