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  • This thread will serve as a historical record for the activities and missions the members of our clan have fullfilled on the endeavor to follow their hearts and consience to make this universe a better place to live in.

    Signed by : Superintendant APE


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  • [heading]TSH mission 001[/heading]

    [subheading]Superintendent APE report for Mission_001[/subheading]

    Mineral Resources survey Daumann Heavy Construction

    • Part A : publication for Client

      Findings :

      Planetary sources for Cobalt were found on :

      Assessment :


      • access : very good due to the very near Frankfurt Jumphole
      • infrastructure : low to mediocre. Some living complexes and starting regular shipping to nearby Undiao moon due to its beginning Titanium mining have been established just recently by Kruger Minerals.
      • security : mediocre to good, only low to medium criminal activity, some Corsairs Legionaire, very seldom a few Hackers Daggers. These are kept at bay by numerous Bounty Hunter patrol parties as well as civilian convoy protection in this transit System. Only at the far end of the Trade Line occasionally stronger forces of VHF Outcasts and - not truly criminal butg also not Rheinland friendly - GMG patrols appear.
      • space environment : generally high background radiation in the whole system. Since Daumann has already a lot of experience with such an environment (Solarius Station) this shouldn't be much of a problem.
      • planetary conditions: treacherous surface conditions of its ice crust were reported by initial Kruger surveillance, that they, seemingly short of liquidity for the necessary investments, went for the easier conditions on Undiao moon. However, the obvious profits of having such abundant Cobalt resources at hand should easily repay for some R&D in appropriate surface equipment.

      Quantos, Lliusk moon in E6

      • access : medium to difficult. From Rheinland (Frankfurt System) three systems have to be past, one infested by Nomads, and it is about 40 k from next Trade Lane/human outpost away.
      • infrastructure : generally good. Planet Tobruk is a well growing colony due to spreading ALG activities. They have started to build an own shipyard in its orbit. Also Gateway is starting ground operations on the failed penal colony Planet Southport. However, the nearest station, Ghats Prison might be questionable help, since you can meet Liberty Rogues, Mollys, Outcasts and Corsairs there not only behind bars but also freely in the Bar.
      • security : low to mediocre. Maybe due to its questionable neighbourhood Ghats Prison, run by Junkers as its personnel, many criminal fighter wings of mostly Mollys and Corsairs will be met not only in the vicinity of the Planet Skye and its moons but already on entering the system by Jumpgate or one of the Jumpholes. At least the gate is guarded by an aging Bretonian Battleship, but the few Bretonian patrols as well as Bounty hunters are having hard times to at least lower the seemingly uneradicable criminals in this system.
      • space environment : Inairs mother Planet Skye has been declared unstable and due to be breaking apart sometimes in the next thousand years, with unforeseeable results for its moons. However, it seems stable enough for the Bretonian military to establish a military base on one of the other moons, Cerer, as is indicated by only lazily camouflaged military transport traffic in this area. And there would still be centuries of industrial exploitations of Inairs treasures left, well worth to be considered.
      • planetary conditions : good, seemingly a normal, icy moon surface, providing water-ice for for water itself as well as hydrogen and oxygen by its electrolysis and some Regolith and Hydrocarbons for buildings and material-processing, therefore reducing investment costs considerably.

      Neophobos, Inair moon in E5

      • access : medium to difficult. The same as for Inair applies also for Whosam. But it has one possible advantage, even though substantially longer, it can be accessed also through Bretonian Territory and the new systems The Corridor and Inner Cloud, thereby circumventing the Nomads threat in Freeport 7.
      • infrastructure : mediocre. There is corporate Severn Station, run by Planetform but almost on the other side of the system without sufficient Trade line connections. However, due to lots of traffic from Bretonia through the nearby Jumpgate to Inner Cloud other lines of support might be feasible and there is also a mining exploration operation of IMG on neighbouring Ghamwor moon with whom some form of mutual aid might be possible. The nearby Outpost Delta might be of questionable help. Even though many of the personnel comes from Bowex it is owned and ruled by the Bundschuh.
      • security : bad to low. The system is infested by many and then very heavily armed packs of all kinds of criminals of whom a high portion - of special interest for Daumann - is Rheinland originated, as the system also homes a big Red Hessians base, Lith Station. Regular law enforcing patrols are very rare and fighting of these criminals is mainly done by convoy escorts and in higher numbers also by GMG patrols - not too easy to accept by a Rheinland corporation.
      • space enviroment : very good. The surrounding asteroid field consists mainly of only small chunks of water with occasional stoney or carbonate components, what might come in handy for the sustention of any operation there and there aren't any radiation problems.
      • planetary conditions : good, just a normal small moon without any specialities - beside its rich Cobalt ores.
      • special note : If Daumann should decide for an operation on Whosam, they should do it with Good Speed. Intelligence gathered from pilots in the system and at the stations indicates, that BMM as well as IMG strongly consider applications for mining rights.

      Nephele, Whosam moon in E5

      Filed with SpO Department, |TSH| Main bureau, Ice Palace Station, Interims-Base at Stardate 22.5.2015.2.25

      Responsible officer : Superintendent APE

      3-System survey for state of security and public affairs

    • Part B : Confidential, for internal Clan information only

    • Part B : RESTRICTED for Clan-Leadership only


    Am I a man ? I am. So - I got married. House, wife, children,everything.
    The FUULL catastrophy !

    "MY MACHINE": Win 7 prof 64bit , i7 3770K , vtx HD7950 X-edition , 8 GB DDR3-2400 , Sandisk 256 ultra , 2TB Seagate, BenQ BL2710PT (2560x1440)

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  • [heading]TSH mission 002[/heading]

    [subheading]Commissioner Forlon report for Mission_002[/subheading]

    Did two coalition rogues captives transports (30+ captives) from Guangdong to Planet Murmansk. In list below are places in Guangdong with higher (you can be sure to meet them there) coalition rogues activity:

    • Near Singapore Station & TL entry near this station
    • Near Achinsk Station ... this station is most of time under Coalition ships attack, but in "pauses" you can expect very heavy rogues_ patrols
    • Near Munificent wreck in F8 ... was almost shot down there by surprise, is really good idea have there open left main HUD panel.
    • Please check picture no. 23 with rogues_ patrol paths in Guangdong

    Please see below attached SS from this mission.

    Note: If is needed transport captives to Sovetskaya, be "on alert" there all the time ... rogues_ perform continuous attacks in whole system included docking site above Planet Murmansk!

  • [subheading]Superintendent APE report for Mission_002[/subheading]
    Part A : For submission to the Coalition_Headquarters

    Intelligence on Coalition Rogues appearence, operations and retrieval of subjects for interrogation

    The considerable presence of Coalition military forces in Gladius and in all sectors of Guangdong renders their astronomical data as known to Coalition Headquarter and will not be further discussed in this report for convenience of shortness.

    Rogue presence distribution

    As will be also stated below the emergence of Rogue fighter patrol in the Indale Cloud, esp. in the vicinity of Achinsk Station, sectors A5, A6, B5 and B6 is very high. To a slightly lesser extend they are also encountered in the rest of the western sectors, esp. from A4 to A2 and B4 to B2. Tarces of energetic particle residues indicate a regular patrouling of these areas, esp. around Rakush, that make the usage of this moon by Coalition Rogues very likely, as well as the frequent attacks on Singapore Station.

    Surprisingly almost none of them can be encountered in the Minatas Cloud. Its Gold deposits would suppose more.

    By trace readings as mentioned above there is long, the Springbourne Field circumventing route touching the Gladius Jumphole and the Ironcastle Field, finally aiming at the Gladius Jumpgate. Coalition Rogues appearance along this track is relativly rare though to be considered, possibly due to numerous, large patroling parties of the Coalition, including the heaviest of capital ships, esp. around the Gladius Jumphole.

    The rest of the system can be rendered Coalition Rogues free.

    Rogue Achinsk Station

    Information available from Coalition GalNet so far seems partially out of date. Hidden in the Indale Cloud in the middle of the borderline between sectors A5 and A6 it is isolated - already by the remoteness of Guandgong itself - and populated by many civilians.

    But its military status is anything but weak. Armed with at least 7 heavy Coalition style Base Canons, probably more. To keep my cover for further internal observation not all sides, edges and caves this ateroid-built-of station offers were surveyed. There a numerous fighter and bomber wings based on constant alert status, to be quickly deployed. The few Coalition patrols, that reach its vicinity were eradicated swiftly.

    Also it seems to be THE major R&D hub of the Coalition Rogues. The most intruguing feature of this asteroid are its strange crystaline structures of unknown composition but with seemingly very interesting possibilities. One of them made useful in the Coalition Rogues development of holographic projectors of which at least one type is available here.

    These crystals are the main energy core component of a completly new designed Very Heavy Fighter craft build at Achinsk. Its specifications seems to be derived from the known Lagg fighter, but due to its highly experimental energy system it's still in an early test phase. As word goes it's sold to foreign pilots for testing, since their pilots don't dare to sit and fly on such an assumed powder keg, while Coalition patrols are lurking itn the area.

    It seems the Coalition Rogues try to keep an especially low profile in this system as indicated by their restriction to certain areas, their avoidance of rich mineral resources (Minatas Cloud) and their pilots intruguing habit of rather suiciding with their ships than get caught in a Life pod.

    Achinsk Station as well as their possible plans for this system must be of major imtortance to them.

    For further investigation into these subjects 10 Coalition Rogues were captured and delivered to the hands of Tanja Horovitz, assigned Commodity Trader at Murmansk (see receipt below).

    7 are of Guangdong origin, 3 of Sovetskaya origin since I was heavily attacked on returning, possibly in an attempt to free their comrades, imformed of their capture by Achinsk command.

    Filed with SpO Department, |TSH| Main bureau, Ice Palace Station, Interims-Base at Stardate 03.6.2015.21.31

    Responsible officer : Superintendant APE


    APE out