'Hawaian' Wild Dance

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    Returning from a mission to improve the public security situation In Altair space my ship - in dear need for some heavy repair and replacements - limped to Liberty space heading home, when I received a distress call via encoded GalNet. The |DP| clan had been attacked. As it seemed the ruthless pirate CyGnUZ, already well known for his criminal intent by the |TSH| clan, had invaded their home system, not only disobeyed their decent system rules but also managed to destroy one of their capital ships.

    Leaving this ship for at least some of the needed maintenance and by use of some octarine teachings from Unseen University the nearest operative in Honshu, |TSH|John.APE.Keel could be activated, rushing to Sigma-19. Meanwhile strong |DP| forces were trying to hunt the violator of their home down but he escaped to Sigma-19 only to be grounded on Luxury Liner Hawaii by the |TSH| officer.

    Instead of bowing to the now also on the spot appearing |DP| forces the pirate kept on fighting which resulted in an extended battle. Even the taken fine during this battle couldn't teach him humility. And therefore the 'wild dance' between CyGnUZ, |DP|denne', supported by the Reliant-class battleship |DP|Monitor in just that function and |TSH|John.APE.Keel continued. Due to magics of the multiverse stronger than my spells |TSH|John.APE.Keel had to leave at some point but with the feeling that this pirate received the bashing he almost begged for.

    However, I am sure the guests aboard Luxury Liner Hawaii enjoyed this show of an 'Hawaian Wild Dance'.

    (perhaps should ask Orbital Spa and Cruise Lines for an artists gage...)


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