Portal Updates

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  • Over the past 3 weeks ive done dozens of updates on the SWAT Portal and its associated websites.
    The updates reach from minor correction, security fixes, new features and some restructuring.

    Most noticable today certainly is that our fellow bot ran amok.
    I completely replaced it with a new better working version which had to catch up some work.
    Its running smooth now and will support us here in a much better way than the old bot.

    One of the big changes concerns mostly the players that are part of our STO Fleets. Here the member management has been completely recreated in order to do updates of the rank system on the fly and link everything directly with the SWAT community framework.
    I'll explain the details to the STO fleets later.

    A new and certainly very interesting feature for all out members might be our new "Competition" system which allows us to run multiple leages here at the Portal.
    I think Freelancer Event Managers will find good use for such a feature.



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  • Great, thx for this :sehrgut: ... is much easier to do only some edits when bot do most of the work with porting info here.