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  • Wyatt

    Day in New Berlin started for mining ship belonging to Silver_Arrows clan like usual. Were received orders to help transporting prisoners from Bonn station in New Berlin to nearby base in Dresden. First three trips were a routine, but then has suddenly everything changed. Ship just undocked, when long range sensors spotted incoming ship. It was only a matter of second or two when this ship come closer and was identified as "Wyatt". Bridge officer on mining ship had only a brief moment to think that ship name was known as lawful individual from old legends on old Earth. But incoming ship behaviour was suspicious and in next moment came the tax request. Pirate maybe thought at first that he surprised his expected victim, but this was clearly proven as an illusion when mining ship turrets took down his shields pretty fast. But after that he started fight and was very likely only a matter of time before he take his target down. ... but not this time, mining ship captain was not willing to let his ship destroyed and asked station for emergency dock. In one moment was for pirate in space nice big stationary target, in next moment had pirate only empty space to fire at. But not only this, his radio spotted message about incoming combat police ship. Soon after was space near Bautzen quiet again and only energy trace from jump hole to Omega-11 proved that there was someone leaving Dresden in hurry. Police fighter arrived to this jump hole only a few minutes later and without hesitation jumped through ... chase has been started.

    Some time after in Cambridge was clear that pirate is waiting for his persecutor. Police has found his target near Cardiff Mining Facility and fight started. First round won police, but pirate was able to dock and with full ammo he got advantage. Both ships were highly damaged, when police ship computer displayed data stream coming from outside! Pirate had in his pocket ready some dirty hacking trick and with losing fight he decided to use it. In next moment he fired missile salvo on suicidally close distance and with own ship destroyed he also got down his target.

    Only short time has passed when was police officer released from station hospital. He was lucky that Cardiff after fight immediately launched rescue team and they were able quickly extract officer's escape pod. Officer's communicator showed more urgent messages and one from them explained what happened in space. Data stream coming from pirate ship was clearly a hacking attempt ... but not only to disable ships defenses, it was ways more sophisticated attack! Officer personal bank account was partially hacked and some moneys were missing. Next message informed officer, that pirate also survived and police informant in Chugoku sent a report that he was heading north-west from a Kyoto base. ... "Not so easy to run with my moneys ..." thought officer when his ship computer displayed the fastest route to Hiruga ...