Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #58

  • Greetings, Commander,

    Welcome to Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #58.

    This week we’re headed towards our first major game update. Thursday’s 1.05 release was the latest in our series of responsive fixes for issues faced by a number of players, and a step towards the new features you’ll see introduced by 1.1. Scroll down for a preview of what’s coming up in this week’s Peek.

    And once again we’re looking to our Beta players for a new test that will give them first access to the latest updates and new content in 1.1.

    As always, hit our Forums, Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates from Elite: Dangerous’ galaxy and stick with us for what’s new this week.

    Contents This Week:

    • 1.1 Prepares For Beta
    • Peek Of The Week
    • Elite: Dangerous On Tour
    • New Merchandise And Skins
    • Zero Punctuation's Review
    • Slough Bells Ringing
    • Comms Chatter
    • GalNet

    [heading]The Beta Goes On[/heading]

    We couldn’t be where we are today without our community. Players have been integral to the development of Elite: Dangerous over the past two years and it’s been a two-way relationship that’s set to continue throughout 2015. We have a number of major updates planned throughout the year, and our Beta backers will get exclusive access first. Beta participants will play on a separate client so testing won't keep you from playing the regular game, and all participants can continue to play the full retail game while testing is ongoing.

    We’ll have ways for new players to join our existing Beta backers very soon and we’ll have details on how you can sign up in an upcoming newsletter.

    Beta backers will be the first to experience Elite: Dangerous 1.1 in the first week of February and with their help we’re hoping to roll out the update to everyone one week later. We’ll be talking next week about how 1.1 will introduce a new way to collaborate with other players in the galaxy in preparation for 1.2’s major Wings update in early March.

    For now we have good news for anyone embarking on a long journey. The 1.1 update will increase the maximum distance for the route planner by ten times – up to 1,000 light years – and you might just see our new look gas giants along the way...

    [heading]Newsletter Peek Of The Week[/heading]

    Gas giants like Jupiter get a new look in 1.1, improving the sense of depth and bringing out the deep canyons formed by gaseous clouds.

    [heading]On The Road[/heading]

    Last week we attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where every year hundreds of thousands of tech experts come to glimpse the future of gadgetry and entertainment. 4K screens and VR displays were everywhere on the show floor, and Elite: Dangerous was the best possible showcase for both in our hands-on demos.

    But CES was just the first of the international shows for Elite: Dangerous this year and our second is just one week away. On January 23-25 you’ll find us at PAX South in San Antonio, Texas, where we’ll be on hand with a team of community Ambassadors to show Elite: Dangerous on 4K displays and Oculus Rift. If you’ve never played in 4K or VR, it has to be seen to be believed.

    [heading]The Ides Of Merch[/heading]

    No proud citizen of the Empire wants to be mistaken for a Federal bureaucrat, no free person of the Federation wants to look like a slave-trading imperialist and no independent pilot wants to associate with the galactic giants, so show your allegiance to the Empire, Federation or the Alliance with our all-new faction keyrings and pin badges on the Elite: Dangerous store.

    Today sees the launch of new merchandise and – by popular demand – the arrival of the Elite: Dangerous novels on the store. We also have all-new pirate-themed paint jobs and the razor sharp Chrome Cobra skin for your in-game ships, all available on the store today. We’re doing our best to make sure you look good.

    [heading]Exclamation Mark[/heading]

    Zero Punctuation reviewed Elite: Dangerous on The Escapist this week and some called it Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw’s most positive review ever. You be the judge.

    [heading]Slough News Day[/heading]

    Kate Russell’s fortnight-long SloughBellsRinging Twitch marathon saw Commander Angel Rose make the long journey home to Slough Orbital on Kate’s Twitch channel, raising almost £7,000 for Special Effect and their work to make games playable by anyone, regardless of physical disability. You can see footage from the marathon at Kate’s YouTube channel.

    [heading]Comms Chatter[/heading]

    Ralfidue on YouTube had some leftover combat footage so he decided to make something of which “Michael Bay would be proud.”

    Erimus One, also on YouTube, ventures into the unknown with his series called Distant Suns.

    Commanders have been getting together and racing across the galaxy in regular galaxy-wide races. Do you want to get involved in Buckyball Run 6? Read the rules, and find out how to enter by clicking here.


    A brief overview of the past week’s developments follows:

    Player faction The Mercs Of Mikunn had humble beginnings, with two members working to spread the influence of The Dukes Of Mikunn to nearby systems. By trading in slaves, the two brothers quickly managed to strengthen their hold on the system. Not content with their gains, the Dukes have turned to HR 7327 as their next target. The Commanders are rallying others to their cause, saying: “The Dukes want your help. If cash is your thing, come to Mikunn for some Merc work. I don’t call the shots, but I will be your liaison between you and the Dukes, serving only to coordinate. There are some serious credits to be made.”

    In recent days players flying through Kappa Tucanae have been turned away by Commanders claiming allegiance with player faction Emperor's Grace. Those refusing to leave were promptly destroyed. In a statement on their online channel, Emperor’s Grace warned: “A surge in Federal scum and Alliance cowards has become unbearable within our borders. It is your duty to protect all that our Emperor has fought so hard to provide us. Join now and show your love for our Emperor’s Grace!”

    The Purple Netcoms Holdings Corporation has declared itself as independent, and has called on Commanders to help the Sugrivik system secede from the Federation.

    Call Hagen, the leader of the League of Nabatean Defence Party, called for a zero tax policy for citizens of the Nabatean system at an impromptu rally.

    The slave revolt in Ongkuma was crushed thanks to Commanders’ support for Senator Torval. The remaining rebels have been killed or captured, and the slave rebellion is over.

    Financial forecasters are astounded at the volume of trading by the Crimson State Group in the Lugh system and are now predicting a boom for the group. This can only come as more bad news for the beleaguered system owners.

    Despite the continuing ‘Oniongate’ protest on the steps of Congress, Admiral Vincent announced that surface bombing of Panem in the Kappa Fornacis system would resume, but this time with targeted, genetically engineered biocides to destroy the Onionhead crop.

    Vice President Smeaton’s death has been noted as suspicious, with the revelation that he had completed a clean full medical scan in his private scanner only an hour before his death.

    Catch the latest GalNet news in-game and at EliteDangerous.com.

    That’s it for newsletter #58 - thank you for reading and supporting the development of Elite: Dangerous.

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    Until next time, fly safe and Right On, Commander.

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