Frightful Kilrathi Concept Art Surfaces

  • Concept artist

    Mariano Diaz

    has posted some startling Kilrathi additions to his portfolio. Much like

    Rob McKinnon's work

    , this dates back a couple years to Chris Roberts' early Wing Commander pitch for what would eventually become Star Citizen. The Kilrathi included here are some of the most terrifying depictions anywhere. There's also a clear visual lineage from these designs to the aliens that are now known as the


    . Check out the slick looking Salthi as well. If there's any chance that these monsters are what Chris has in mind for a future director's cut of the Wing Commander Movie, that would be something to see!

    marianoadiaz_battle_cats_at.jpgmarianoadiaz_battle_cats_bt.jpgmarianoadiaz_battle_wingt.jpgmarianoadiaz_flying_saucert.jpgmarianoadiaz_helmetst.jpgmarianoadiaz_kilrathit.jpgmarianoadiaz_kilrathi_docking_portt.jpgmarianoadiaz_kilrathi_fighterst.jpgmarianoadiaz_kilrathi_mech_wingt.jpgmarianoadiaz_kilrathi_shipst.jpgmarianoadiaz_salthit.jpgmarianoadiaz_salthi_exitt.jpg Thanks to Klavs for the tip!