SMG RETURNS - new RP - new ideology - more fun

  • The SIRIUS MARAUDERS GANG (SMG_) returns after a longer absence for various reasons.
    Private life comes first, always.

    Since every single member of SMG has traveled various times into ALTAIR and also spent uncountable hours within the INNER CORE systems, they have been exposed to unknown particles, radiation, laser beams, bullets and much more which is not even completely researched by human kind.
    Not knowing the fatal side effects, SMG was completely focused on fighting, robbing and plundering whatever appeared in their crosshairs.
    Over time member after member fell asleep and were not able to make it back to safe space before any of those side effects could kick in.
    Slowly SMG kinda disappeared from the screen and it seemed that nothing would make them getting back into their pilot seats.

    And there you can say that nothing last forever, not even a timeout forced by too much exposure to the unknown.

    The sleep SMG was put in, is slowly fading away and the time for the return has finally come.
    One very important thing has to be said.

    One of the many (not completely known) side effects are a major change in behavior, intentions and goals.
    SMG returns as mercenary clan and therefore will not take any responsibility for anything happening in the past.

    SMG will fight and be loyal to the cash.
    Nothing is personal. It's simply business.
    Who can afford the service of SMG, can be certain to have the gun power, fighting skills, escort capabilities, organizing talents and whatever it takes to get the job done, until the job is done.

    Whether it is:
    - entering forbidden space to get a hold of some goods or equipment
    - escorting a certain pilot (regardless of faction) out of the system or even out of their vessel, for whatever reason
    - organizing equipment or goods, because you are not able to, or too lazy to do it yourself
    - scouting new/unknown/hostile areas before you enter, so your butt is safe (as far as possible)

    YOU name it, YOU pay for it, YOU get it delivered/accomplished

    The home system of SMG was and remains Hiruga, the amazing maze.
    The reputation with other existing clans and players will develop over time.
    Nothing will be given for free or taken for granted.

    The way you treat SMG, SMG will treat you

    SMG has been a server clan since a very long time and there is no reason to fall asleep for good.