Patrol 3014-11-17

  • Patrol 3014-11-17

    Patrol run has started on ASF base in X-3043. Small Royal VHF left quietly massive docking facilities and set his course to Omicron Alpha. His mission was to terminate CSF ship spotted in this area. Search for a target was rather quick affair, once he has jumped to Alpha, his ship scanners showed his target below 20k range. Followed fierce fight in green nebula near Planet Carinea where CSF ship in the end exploded into small cloud of debris. Normally it would be an end for patrol, but scout received strict orders to do not return to X system. His action was detected by CSF forces and every try to return at that time would only lead to a quick death.

    Quick decision was made and scout jumped to Unknown systems. Soon was clear, that it was the right decision. CSF fighter tried to intercept, but was slow and ASF ship safely reached Planet Crete in Omicron Gamma for quick repairs (ss). From there was his next destination hidden ASF facilities in New London. Travel there went good up to Cambridge system where luck showed to ASF pilot its opposite face. During his previous patrols he was put on mercenary KOS contract list by an unfamous pirate pilot. This small detail brought now some unexpected consequences.

    From New London to Cambridge arrived mercenary willing to take bounty placed on ASF scout and planned route was therefore blocked. CSF pilot has used this occasion and approached to his target. Followed fight above Planet Cambridge, where he was more succesfull, badly damaged ASF ship needed few times repairs on planet prior get a chance to escape. To ensure that escape will be successfull, decided ASF pilot to put now bounty on CSF attacker ... and it was done right on time. CSF ship was taken down, way behind state when could be possible quick repair. Mercenary then decided continue in his original plan and chase ASF pilot. He found him near Planet Sarum, but that time his effort ended with failure and with increasing damage on his ship he decided to better give up. Damaged, but lucky ASF scout after headed to Battleship Norfolk and he fall asleep soon after was his ship handed to a battleship's technicians.