CSF Council Report

  • The CSF Council has commissioned a further report on the views and perspectives of the CSF clans and chars.
    This study is undertaken as a contribution to current debates on all chars under CSF license .There are many shades of grey but few black or white answers.

    On the basis of a series of in-depth reports offered by [AS] scouts , was found that mother nature acting weird, making unexpected changes in the structure of the universe.

    New jumpholes have emerged, which cause reconsideration of CSF needs regarding the “stability and safety” of its supplies from the Sirius space .
    As a CSF board member, I invite all clan leaders who embrace the ideology of CSF, in a discussion on stability and safety of supplies wich should be analysed and considered much more importantly than they were before these events.This situation appears to be more complex than merely defending our organization’s borders against invasion and external attack.It is the time that our forces must initiate massive assaults on the ASF perimeter for maintaining secure trade routes for our convoys, especially in remote destinations.These destinations, if chosen frequently, can add an entire jump sequence and can attract attention ASF forces patrolling deep into remote territories.

    The conference is open from now.

    ( I would have liked to post in CSF Roleplay Reports, perhaps in the future it will be possible.)