Circuit Race

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  • hi there

    i got the idea for this event from p0x's thread, but changed some/most rules.

    we staged this event in Colorado and met at Planet Denver.

    - fly around the system through the trade lanes,
    - 5 rounds,
    - starting direction: from Planet Denver to BS Rio Grande

    further rules:
    1. vessels allowed: LF, HF and VHF
    2. no killing allowed
    3. shooting trade lanes is allowed  :D 

    winner is the first one docking at Planet Denver after 5 rounds, of course  8) 

    results for Circuit Race 30.03.2014

    1st place prize was 30 mill
    2nd place prize was 25 mill
    3rd place prize was 20 mill
    4th place prize was 15 mill
    5th place prize was 10 mill
    6th place prize was 5 mill
    Winner was [CFPD]Azimut_Warrior and Racer Award in 18:45 min, congrats mate  :thumbsup: (gave his prize to c, very gentle mate :) )
    2nd place was c in 19:25 min, was flying the Starflier and regarding the received prize he was the real winner 8) 
    3rd place was (Fallen)Mercenaro-S3 in 20:40 min
    4th place was |LC|SCARAMANGA in 22:40 min
    5th place was (IOC)Ice-Warrior in 22:45 min
    6th place was SA_Explorer_FORLON (gave his prize to c, very nice too :) )

    in my opinion this event has nice potential and we need more EM-s (and maybe some (more) disturbers for shooting the trade lanes :D )
    thx for coming :thumbup: 

    "Make Love, not War." Sun Tsu

    Dark Phoenix Clan introduction: link
    Sigma 17 Rules: link
    DP Recruiting Office: link

    Events, Eventmanagers: link
    Event Rules: link

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