Galactica 2.0

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  • Welcome to the Galactica 2.0 mod. This is a TC (Total Conversion mod) featuring the Battlestar Galactica universe and the search for Earth. Primarily based on the re-imagined series, you will see all the ships from the tv show as you attempt to find Earth just after the Cylons invade the Colonial systems.

    This mod was originally made in 2008. After a request on the Gizmo Studios forum, i've made this updated version available with a few added tweaks. First off the mod is OSP compatible ONLY!! I've added widescreen support, zoomable turret view, a new interface, a price randomizer for all goods and equipment in game and updated the planet textures. Rest of the mod is the same. It's as stable as i can make it for the moment, no updates are planned, so the mod is how you find it :)

    <<<<<<<<<< BACKGROUND STORY >>>>>>>>>>

    As a lowly commercial pilot whose just received his licence, you start out on Caprica, the home to Colonial civilization. Unsure of which of the many Colonial shipping companies to work for, your mind is made up for you when the Cylons dramatically start their attacks on the Colonial homeworlds. Do you decide to trade, hoping to make your fortune while fighting off the Cylons at every turn, or do you join the fight with the Colonial Fleet against its most deadly of enemies and go in search of the missing 13th tribe from a planet known only in the sacred scrolls of Pythea as Earth?



    Here is a link to the new version of Galactica 2.0 : DOWNLOAD HERE

    Another download link from the Strategy Informer site : DOWNLOAD HERE

    Make sure you use the DOWNLOAD FILE button on the Strategy Informer link :)