Dark Phoenix mercenaries are looking for new members

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  • Would you like to be a mercenary - kick ass and chew bubblegum?

    Then apply for Dark Phoenix |DP| membership NOW!

    Contact Shockwave or denne via PM, or leave us a comment or post on our internal forum and we'll get you started!

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    The Dark Phoenix Clan is an old Mercenary Clan consisting of experienced Players, Elites.

    And we are always looking for fresh Blood, Recruits. But we don't take just Anyone.

    We only take Pilots with a strong Will. If YOU are one of those, you have to prove it by:

    ● You have a VHF (very heavy figther), fully equipped and ready for Combat.
    ● You have proven your Intents with at least one successfull Bounty-Kill (testified by Screenshot or trusted Player).
    ● You killed at least 2 Ancient Drones in Dervon and thus you got Access to the Inner Core.
    ● You have visited 100 systems of the Crossfire Universe.

    Of Course we are ready and willing to assist you in fullfilling these Requirements ;)

    If you apply for Membership in our glorious Clan, you become a Trial-Member of our Family. You will immediately get Access to

    - certain DP-Channels,
    - our Home Base in Sigma 17 with a respectable Pool of best Weapons and other Equipments,
    - Assistance and Rear Cover all over Sirius and other Parts of the Galaxy,
    - special Training Units (PvP).

    And once you succeed with the Requirements, you will not only be a deadly Opponent for other Pilots. You will also gain

    - the Honor to carry the |DP|-Tag,
    - the Chance to produce special State of the Art Equipments,
    - Access to various Data Bases (i.e. for Trading, Maps etc.), DP-internal Channels with many more Tips, Tricks and Hints,
    - Access to the Home Bases of our Allies,
    - ...

    Are you ready for the biggest Adventure of your Life? The Time is NOW to apply (here) for the Dark Phoenix Clan!

    Contact us in game or via PM, chat or roleplay boards!