Dark Phoenix hunt report

  • Tonight was a good night, all together.

    DP hunters collected 5 bounties (if my count is right), 4 of which is pirate set, and 1 police set bounty.

    Earlier in the evening, I hopped into my fighter stationed in Bretonia space, and scanned the job boards, when I noticed a number of "wanted more dead than alive" jobs, most of which were in this particular area. I went on, tracked the first bounty, then successfully collected it. In return for collecting this bounty, I got a gift:

    And then, a police officer also stated he wanted me deadish because of the bounty and all. I left the area, the police officer pursued me; I defended myself and ended up collecting the second bounty (set on the said police officer). This only naturally pissed him off even further so hard he teleported into another ship some 3 systems away. Imagine being that pissed off.

    At this point I was persona non grata with a policeman AND a smuggler. Nice for 20 minutes of work. Enter my colleague, |DP|denne. Now, the second police officer was teleporting around the Sirius through his incarnations, when finally he got into a transport, which OH MY GOD had a bounty on it AND was close.

    I know, right - amazing coincidence!

    Anyway, denne took care of that. Then, some time later, after realizing he was shot down by naughty mercs, this policeman also got so angry he teleported into another ship and went after us. My colleague had some work to take care of elsewhere, and I was left alone in the fair New London. I travelled via TL to the Planet New London, when, upon my TL exit I was ambushed by the second policeman! I defended myself, killed the said policeman and ohmygod collected a bounty that was placed on him. So yeah.

    Then I kinda ran around, he left somewhere, it was all rather dull until a merchant who specializes in delicate transports contacted me for a job in defending a shipment of <ENTRY DELETED> to a distant station.

    At this point, the first policeman was close to finding me.

    We struck a deal.

    While my colleague denne, who had returned from elsewhere, and I were entertaining the pursuing police officer, the said merchant and his partner (whom I had, check this out, killed about an hour earlier - see bounty no. 1) had already began the journey to the destination. Luckily, the distraction worked.

    Denne and I broke off combat, met with the merchants and continued onwards. The policeman's shift was over and he had to go home and work on his garden or aquarium or something. Anyway, we reached our destination undisturbed, the merchants delivered the goods, and the mercenaries got paid.

    Also, on the way back from the said trip to far away lands of Rheinland, I met a target I didn't even see up to that point.

    So yes, it was a good day indeed. :)

    Disclaimer: Some of these are just (bad) jokes. Merc corporation reports aren't as serious as police reports. Also, I don't know if Forlon has a garden or aquarium. :D


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