Starlancer ship - Starcraft Terran Wraith

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  • Hi! Modding newbie here!

    First off, I'd like to thank everyone who kept the Starlancer game alive. It feels great to have someone to share it with. More importantly, I could use a little help with this modding business.

    Thanks to an entire galaxy of Starlancer modding tools made available here, I figured I'll try starting with a ship I have long since adored: the Terran Wraith from Starcraft.

    Borrowing a model from a certain Dr. Hell from TurboSquid and trimming the polygons down to a manageable size, I managed to make it run with SLEDIT.

    Unfortunately, I have encountered a few problems:
    - Texturing. I've yet to learn creating my own so for a while, I borrowed the built-in textures of the Basilisk, Saracen and Azan - all Coalition ships.
    - Ejection pod. Not sure if there's a compatibility problem somewhere. I managed to use the one from the Predator when I haphazardly tried the G-Raptor texture on my wraith, but no ejection pod works for the final Coalition-textured wraith.
    - Cloaking. It works, but the game lags a lot.
    - Use on multiple ships. It would have been awesome, but then certain parts of the ships - including the players - started glitching out of existence. Fortunately, the game has not crashed so far.

    To anyone who has the time and understanding, please help. I'm attaching the .shp and .3ds files of both the complete ship and the parts.

    Thanks again.

  • not bad
    i never modded SL (coz the old SL online scene considered this cheating) so im not much of help here



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  • My, it's been almost a decade.

    Fast forward to Windows 10 and more powerful computers, when old games can be replayed with proper dithering at maximum resolutions, I've decided to revisit this project. So far, the Predator's ejection pod works when added on top of the "cockpit" unlike the good old days when it just crashes. Will attach the fixed files here, including the original poorly-textured SHP and the Coalition-skinned fighter. Just to give this project some semblance of closure.

    Good hunting, pilots!

    Wraith with Predator Ejection