Singeplayer Crash!

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  • Hi all,

    I am terribly sorry if someone has already posted this however i have searched high and low, and cannot find a connected answer.

    I double click on the Freelancer Icon (with Crossfire installed) and it brings me to the singleplayer or multiplayer selection. I select singleplayer, and it opens the game, however, when i then click on singleplayer ingame, this minizes to the desktop, and crashes the game.

    Now im not very technical, now do i know anything about modding, but i was wondering if anyone knew how to resolve this? or if anyone has encountered this problem themselves.

    Please let me know asap as i am eager to begin singleplayer.


  • Hi murch20012,

    You probably have incompatible savegames. Please look at this FAQ index.php?page=FaqDetail&category=7#question12 to fix that or the installation.
    If you reinstall, please remember to run all programs "as Administrator" (right click programs) in Windows 7/8.


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  • Hi there, welcome to the networks of the SWAT Portal (and soon to the vast universe of Crossfire...), normally this fix solves crashes of the game in the loading screen, not later, but try to delete, or move out, the Freelancer saves located in My Documents/My Games/Freelancer/Accts, that if you got old saves in there, as those conflict with the mod.

    But if that easy way doesn't fix it, then the only way would be reinstalling the mod, which consists in actually uninstalling Freelancer, deleting the rests in it's folder, deleting/moving the entire Freelancer folder in My Games too, doing CTRL+R (or "Tools" -> Restore backups) on FLMM (Freelancer Mod Manager, which has to be the 1.3 version, even though it's technically 1.3.1, inside FLMM the title is just 1.3, the 1.4 or any other versions can't properly activate this mod), then reinstall it all, as explained in this FAQ question: index.php?page=FaqDetail&category=7#question12

    Don't forget to start everything as Administrator if you have the newer windowses :) Since there was a problem at the install last time, once you have Freelancer installed, before doing anything else, try doing right click on the Freelancer folder (where the game is installed), then click on "Properties", and make sure the "Read Only" box us UNticked, empty, then click Apply (accept it to change all files inside), then the Ok button, to be sure. With one time is enough, after this it will still say a half ticked box, but it will be clean.

    Hope this fixes it.

    Good luck,

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