Nomad Hunts

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  • I have noticed on several occasions that the server Public address system advertises MONDAY nomad hunts at 8pm in the arena.
    But this is not the event on the event calendar, or the event that happens on that day..confusing.
    Can that be changed to Thursday Nomad hunt so the calander and the public address system match?
    PodMan out.....

  • You are right, it's just that the Event Managers who keep/kept the events up preferred to play with the schedule of the events, to do the event they wanted in the day they could/were online, instead of keeping up with the normal timetable.

    It would be right to force events to be done in the days they are supposed to be done by the timetable on the site, and in-game console messages, should be easier than changing the mod itself for the messages, as well as the site, for the timetable.

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