IOC Intelligence Agency has many reports about pirates intruding Casius lately

  • Yesterday the pirate CrappyPilot (level 52) was detected in Casius. He was properly asked about his business in Casius and RP license (Freelancers must ask permission to enter Casius).
    His answer was exploring with a Pirate license (not wanted in Casius atm.) and he had no intentions of leaving before he had finished exploring. That was asking for a BOUNTY, so he got it (level/10).

    This bounty announcement immediately made a response from allied CFPD, BG and SA pilots , offering their assistance. Thank you all for your help defending our system :)
    Soon all gathered in Casius and the hunt began. Of course the intruder didn't stand a chance, though he was hard to find. Trying to escape he was killed at Planet Rodez the first time and remaining fighinmg was done at Core Station.

    Another pirate |LC|Puss.In.Boots later tried to help the poor pirate, but same answer was given here - no mercy and killed.
    After some time fighting the pirate agreed to pay up, so him family and friends could see him again.

    Attending pilots: [CFPD]G, [CFPD]Cryzis, [CFPD]LittlePunk, BG_Husker, SA_FORLON, SA_WHISKY, {LP}50Pack{X}, [IOC]Horus and me ofc.

    PS. Rules for Casius @ IOC System Rules for Casius
    PPS. The player told he was last on CF in 1.82 and there was a lot of messages validating this information - none was conclusive :)


    CF RP: Probably smuggling something or exploring the universe
    EM char: Event_Manager_Silverfox