Bounty Hunt in New Tokyo

  • Omega-3 System, SAOC: Ongoing discussion about just ended Special assignment Trial and followed celebration for two SA pilots promotion was interrupted when Watch Officer send info about more bounties placed in Sirius. Admiral Forlon briefly looked on list and as he expected, those placed on pirates forces were in central X-3043 System where were more mercenaries nearby. Much different and risky was those placed on police officers in New Tokyo. But this was on other side nice challenge so was quickly decided to sent there Alpha wing. Four SA ships (Snake, Scorpion, Whisky and Forlon) quickly passed Altair space and reached Honshu system. There was meet alone police officer Night-Hunter which "accidentally" patrolled near Yukawa Shippyard. "So they are now warned and know exactly who is coming" thought admiral and gave and order to change course to not often used Jump Hole hidden in nearby blue nebulae leading to New Tokyo. Mercenaries arrived to Shinagawa Station and docked there for rearming and last ship control before coming fight. In meantime were police forces (bounties on CFPD Officers G1 and Cryzis) strengthened by another experienced police pilot BG_Husker. "4:4 ... this one will be hard!" briefly passed in admiral mind, but after this he started fully concentrate ... TL leading to Planet New London was almost on its end. And police was prepared there ... "First Forlon" sounded in system channel and fight started. Soon after was space full of fired lasers and rockets and mercenaries were few times driven back to Shinagawa. Ships damages were repaired as quickly as possible, but theirs constructions went slowly to critical state. Next to that into combat area arrived two pirates which used this occasion for attack police forces. Was time for last attack ... Alpha wing attacked coordinated and for short time pushed police forces back. Alas police resistance supported by nearby planet repair facilities was strong and then that happen. Admiral fighter engaged freshly repaired Night-Hunter ship and in fight he totally overlooked attacking CFPD officer Cryzis. Such mistake had expected result ... ship cabin had shake under four gatling fire and shortly after ship blew up releasing damaged escape pod. Remaining mercenaries forces were able successfully tract this pod and return to Shinagawa.

    Few hours after: Lt.-Cmdr Glen Morangie (Whisky) Haidar ship interior was rebuild into mobile hospital containing cryogenic unit. Ship slowly undocked and with heavy escort (BS piloted by Lt.-Cmdr. David Hayter (Snake) and fighter piloted by Lt.-Cmdr Hanzo Hasashi (Scorpion) headed back to Omega-3. Mission goals were fulfilled, but price for this was high.