An elusive trader

  • Communication between a CFPD police officer and a Silver Arrows mercenary bounty hunter was established. “I have valuable information for you,” said the officer,” interested?” ... “Sure “, came an almost instant reply. The Officer continued “A few minutes ago, a bounty was placed on my head and I decided to issue a bigger bounty on this unknown criminal. My offer is 10M credits and I want him dead or not alive.”

    Mercenary checked his ship's computer and with the latest information about his new target, his Saracen slowly left Freeport-5. Course was set to the Border Worlds system Omega-7. After a quick flight, the target showed up on the radar and the scanning process had been started. Target Details: Soulforge Train vessel with capacity of 2500 cargo hold loaded up with BMG (blueprints) and armour capacity of 90 000.

    It would have been easy to slowly pull the trigger and blow the unlucky trader up in seconds. But the hunter's unwillingness to destroy such a defenceless target saved the trader and all guns stayed silent. A decision was made and a "fee" for his save passage was offered to the trader. However the trader showed really good nerves and estimated of the situation. First he started a docking sequence ... it was still possible to destroy his ship, but ... negotiations were in progress. In the end the trader did not accept the sum which was asked for his save passage and he was informed that next time, he will not be given a second chance or even a warning. He self-confidently replied that he will not offer the hunter a second chance to catch him (this was half the truth as showed later).

    The Hunter left Omega-7 because he knew that his prey needed a chance to safely leave Freistadt and hunt started again ... and continued for more than 2 hours through many Sirius systems. The Hunter’s advantage was his knowledge about the station which sold the blueprints and with this knowledge he was able to block the trader’s shortest routes. A few times he was really close to him, but never close enough to be able to see him on his radar ... it seems this day will not offer a winning situation but still new knowledge and experience was gained. The hunt partly ended when the trader hid in the asteroid fields in the Tau-31 system.

    The hunter decided to give up (for a while) and docked on Planet Harris. There he had to use his transporter beam and was quickly transported to New Berlin where his trading ship (train) was waiting. The train captain informed him that they found a good trade-route for prisoners between planets New Berlin and Stuttgart. While trading, the hunter planned his next move and thoroughly watched his elusive target’s location. He thought that he still could have a chance to catch his target and counted on the fact that the target can underestimate the situation. The cunning trader with a bounty on his head was still very careful and he did not use any trade lanes, but the hunter’s train was able to find his target above planet New Berlin. His train captain was a little shocked when he received the order to open fire with the train turrets ... even though the turrets were short-ranged, they were able to destroy a very surprised target which was found in turrets firing range. Unfortunately for the hunter, the trader again made a fast decision and with his ships cruise engines were able to move his train out of the hunter’s ships turrets range into the hazardous course directly into a dense asteroids field …

    A long day ended, the hunter left his trains bridge and headed for his cabin. It was time to get a long deserved rest and calm his mind for the next day.

    Note: Big THX to Raiden and Cryzis for grammar corrections.