Freelancer Movie launch error?

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  • So i had to re-install freelancer. So i did. Yet, m... When i launch the game the Videos that are suppose to play don't actually play. they purple screen and play the sound. I have been trying to fix it for hours.. Help? No mods effect it.. I have not re added it. I have deleted Saved files associated with it. i dont know what else to do... And yes i must have video intros.... it starts to work right on the "freelancer" screen then the play screen. Before that just purple ...

  • Hello brian_dugue2000.

    The movies use DirectShow filter and system video decoder for playback (e.g. ffdshow, if you have K-Lite Codec Pack installed). Please make sure your codecs are installed and work properly.
    Otherwise you can always watch the movies separately in any video player that uses built-in decoders instead of system ones.

    You can look for the necessary codecs on your Freelancer CD, in my case their distributives are located in "/REDIST" folder.

    Hope it helps.

  • I doubt, that we have a real codec problem here. In my case the sound plays without problems. Just the picture is missing.
    Playing the videos from the explorer is no problem.
    What do you think ?

  • no, not a codec problem
    just the result of post processing in combination with windows transparancy (starting with Windows Vistas Aero)
    Its the way how every windows version since then manages games in fullscreen mode

    actually the mod installer was supposed to make the changes to the Freelancer settings to bypass this problem
    hard to tell why it didnt work for you

    probably the best way without going through detailed settings is to select the "window mode" on the launcher settigns
    and once you are in the game you just press alt+enter to enter full screen again



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