The (unintended) battle for Stuttgart - 15-08-12

  • Busy exploring ASF space for when the Intel might come in handy, saw and got killed by Aurelcici (again :roflmao: ), I jumped from Frankfurt to Dresden to see if the miners left some diamonds behind.

    While in Frankfurt I got report of two Silver Arrows ASF fighters that may be heading my way, and this was confirmed when I entered Dresden and not soon afterwards my jumpgate IFF system informed me that both SA_Raiden and SA_Forlon was also In Dresden.

    So...if ASF want to make an issue of a CSF ship in ASF territory - Game on.

    I made my way to Stuttgart and there engaged the ASF pilots and after about an hour, decided that it's time for a tactical withdraw to fight another day.

    :popcorn: No videos for now unfortunately.

    Windows 8.1 X64, AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black 3.4GHz, 16GB 1600 RAM, NVIDEA GeForce GXT 460