Riebens RolePlay Information

  • Hi

    Riebens started off as a Freelancer and later joined the Silver Arrows Clan.

    Due to some RL issues, the amount of work in maintaining a position in the clan forced either 1 of two decisions, Stop Playing on the Server as there is no time to do the Clan admin and play on the server or switch back to Freelancer and play as time permits.

    After discussions, I felt it was more important to be on the server as RL time permits than sticking with the Clan tags and not being able to play. (Other issues were also reasons for leaving the clan, but this was the most important one - Cannot have untagged Chars while in a clan- )

    I am still Senior Advisor to the SA clan, and interact via other means on a daily basis with the clan members.

    The clan leadership and I have also come to an understanding as to the fact that While I am a freelancer and still have good friends in the clan, I am free to choose my Licenses and RP as I see fit, but always to try and balance out the server and help create some RP.

    I want to thank Creshten specifically and the "Horses" for some nice RP and actions. :applaus:

    And a big bottle of sparling wine to the Members of the Silver Arrows clan. :thumbsup:

    Some day in the future when my RL time allows me more free time. I will be re-joining a clan - but at this time I work between 16-19 hours a day and just some days take a few hours to be online on the server and itneract with my mates. The rest of the time i spend sleepign or interacting with my family.

    Windows 8.1 X64, AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black 3.4GHz, 16GB 1600 RAM, NVIDEA GeForce GXT 460