installer auto activates my game, then game crashes????

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  • Hello viewers. Thanks for coming to help! To get down to the point, my crossfire is not working, like many others. but in my case, it has worked before. Twice infact. but this time i have tried to activate and install it without any luck. I have a fresh download of crossfire (my 4th one :huh: ) and have uninstalled, reinstalled, and just plain installed freelancer that i know its a fresh copy as well. This has happend 4 times now - i run the installer and everything is fine. the installer finishes and opens up FLMM 1.31 (also a fresh copy). When it opens however it shows that crossfire is already activated :| . I run crossfire and the launcher does not appear. Just the usuall 'freelancer does not recognise this graphics card. Are you sure you want to continue?' so i run it, and when i get to the main menu freelancer crashes. I have tried deactivating the mod but FLMM exclaims that it wont properly deactivate :cursing: ! I just keep on reinstalling and downloading everything over and over again X( If anyone has encountered the same problem and knows how to fix it please leave a reply, anyone else that might now whats going on please leave a reply, or anyone that has any tips or soulutoins they might think work please leave a reply; I would greatly appreciate it! I have herd so much about this mod, that i would hate to not be able to give it a proper go! Thanks for taking the time to read this - Sam

  • Hi

    You have not metioned you have done the following:
    Make sure you have deleted or re-named the 'Freelancer' folder in the 'My Games' directory. When freelancer start's up, it looks there for settings.

    If FLMM shows CF already installed, it means you have instaleld the game before and the settigns for FLMM is held in the system registry. then it is also very possible that there is a Folder in the My Games folder holding incompatable settings.

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  • Hi sammydavies!

    Here is the extract from FAQ concerning reinstalling:

    • Uninstall EVERYTHING related to CF and FL
    • Search for folder in your documents where FL save data (default: Documents/MyGames/Frelancer)
    • Save to other place your SP saves in case you want use them later (Documents/MyGames/Frelancer/Accts/SinglePlayer) ... here I suggest delete file "restart.fl" and copy back later only saves named Savexxxx.fl).
    • DELETE WHOLE "Freelancer folder" in documents!
    • clean your registry completely and make a restart (one nice free software for this is for example CCleaner)
    • Install the FL-Game and make a restart (as suggested from the game anyway, after installation is complete)
    • Install the mod-manager 1.31 (1.3 is displayed, so don't get confused)
    • Restart PC
    • Install CF 1.9 - Crossfire 1.9 - Installation Instructions
    • Read - Crossfire 1.9 - Mod options
    • OPTIONAL: Open Properties for Freelancer folder. Remove attributes and DON'T click ok, instead CLICK APPLY. Same for Crossfire folder in Freelancer Mod Manager\mods.
    • Activate 1.9 - Crossfire 1.9 - Activation
    • Restart PC !!! ... and after this you can enjoy Crossfire mod :)

    Adding from myself, step one (Uninstall EVERYTHING related to CF and FL) includes:

    • Crossfire Mod (use the shortcut in the start menu to uninstall)
    • Freelancer Mod Manager (same)
    • Freelancer (this one should be the last, then restart your PC as asked by uninstallation program).

    And please save your time, you need to download the installer only once. :)

  • When it opens however it shows that crossfire is already activated :|

    There's the problem, you didn't uninstalled everything properly. That is as important as installing them.

    For now, uninstall everything. Normally any way would work, but as something went wrong, we have to be more careful on this part now. I think this way should work (I use a diferent way that includes already having a copy of the Clean Freelancer) : Uninstall Freelancer Crossfire and accept deleting all personal data/saves. Then delete the "Freelancer" folder at "My Games" inside "My Documents". Then enter FLMM, and press theese 2 buttons "CTRL+R", it should start moving stuff. (If it does nothing, no "0 files 0 directories removed", go at the upper tab called "Tools", then "Restore Backups". ) . Close FLMM and now enter it's folder (where the FLMM.exe and other mods are), which should be at "Program Data" or whatever it's called on your language/PC. There use that uninstall icon for the Crossfire mod. Then use FLMM's uninstall icon.

    Now you should be clear to a fresh reinstall, check the FAQ for the normal order. If you have Vista/7 /8 or such, remember to "Execute as Administrator" every icon.

    If by some digital paradox the CF mod's activation still fails, then it means something (probably firewall or antivirus or an extra tool that keep registries safe from deletion) saved the registry and it's still "registered as installed". In that case do everything from above again, and at the end download and use "CCleaner", and select most options you see related with the PC's registries, temp files and such. Unmark the stuff related to your browser, I don't think you want to delete all your saved passwords and accounts.

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