Focks Industries Weekly Report 6172012

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    Weekly Report 6172012

    Shipping Report: Due to the termination of 76 employees, there were a lot of delays within all areas of the department. Because of this and FI's Policy, the income from customer sales fell. Thankfully, the remaining 424 employees were able to keep the department on it's feet and running smoothly and effectively through all the delays. Weekly Goals are needing to be reached. Hopefully the new hires in freight will help meet or exceed these goals.

    Employee Update: A Mandatory Meeting will be held for the entire Freight and Transport department. Date and details will be sent via neural net. New Hires in all Departments are expected to be at the orientation prior to reporting to their immediate supervisor. Members of the Security and Admin Department will receive a $1,000 Bonus for keeping an average rating of 9 or higher. The Hiring process will begin next week. Employee's who refer friends and family will receive a $100 Bonus and an entry to the End of the Month Raffle per candidate referred and hired. This Month, the winner will win 2 front row tickets and a meet and greet to an upcoming Manhattan Mauler's sports event of their choice. The more people you refer, the greater your chances of winning. Go Maulers!

    Employee of the Month: Vanessa Charlton - Vanessa is a IT Admin and Technician who works within the Freight department making sure all the computers are running smoothly. Due the amount of discharges within the last week, Vanessa stepped up her role by using her tablet to manage 4 workstations for 12 hours a day, all last week. Ms Charlton is a University of Denver graduate with a masters in Information Technology. She was hired 3 years ago as a test technician to ensure the systems that calculate docking and mooring trajectories to incoming freighters and transports waiting dock are working and calibrated properly. Because of her hard work last week, Ms Charlton is rewarded with Employee of the Month and a $100 gift card to Siriusbucks Coffee. Remember, Employee of the Months are chosen at the end of the 3rd week every month.