CPFD Police Report: Incident 319-711

  • (just so ya'll know, this one is fake)

    Officer: Portalearth
    Ship: Cayman Patrol Vessel
    Precinct: Frankfurt
    Date 3/21/2194AD

    After an emergency dispatch from Planet Frankfurt had been called, i had been requested to the 1200 Block of Kartoffel Road in Karben, Planet Frankfurt. upon arriving at the scene, several Bloodguard Operatives had already arrived, trying to defuse the situation. Operative Rhonetaz had explained to me that a married couple had gotten into a domestic dispute.

    According to Operative Rhonetaz, Mr Daniel Sanyomoto had been under the influence of cardamine at his arrest. From what i gathered, Mr. Sanyomoto had gotten into an argument with his wife about starting a new life in Omicron Alpha. she had refused to leave her home on the 1200 Block of Kartoffel Road, explaining she's not comfortable in such a hostile enviroment. She had also accused him of Outcast connections.

    Mr. Sanyomoto had started to beat and verbally abuse his wife just before a neighbor had heard the commotion and called emergency services.

    a Background check of Mr. Sanyomoto had revealed numerous accounts of drug trafficking and Pirate activites including, but not limited to:

    - Breaking and Entering
    - Grand Theft Auto
    - Assualt of the First Degree
    - Public Intoxication
    - Disturbing the Peace
    - Unauthorized use of accessibility parking spots

    Mr. Sanyomoto was apprehended and taken to Planet Prophecy for further questioning on links to Outcast involvement and will be detained until further notice

    Mr. Sanyomoto is facing up to 35 years in a CFPD Prison if his Outcast involvement is confirmed

    The case is open until outcast involvement in confirmed