CFPD Police Report: Incident 142-218

  • Officer: Portalearth
    Ship: Mississippi Queen
    Precinct: X-3403
    Date 3/24/2194AD

    {LP}50Pack was pulled over for speeding in in a Residential Zone. He was clocked doing 350 over in an 80km/h zone. Upon pulling him over and asking for his license and registration, his eyes were bloodshot and the smell of rum was about him. 50Pack had been drinking and failed to acquire a Designated Driver.

    When asked for him to step out of his spacecraft, he refused to do so (claiming he'll lose consciousness due to the lack of oxygen). I told him in that case, he can follow me down to Station Hope to process him further. After he refused to do so, i mentioned he could come down to the station in a body bag as an alternative. he quickly complied.

    His charges are as follows:
    - Speeding in a residential area
    - DUI
    - Failure to Comply from orders of a public servant

    Bail was posted at 5 million. {LP}50Pack paid and was free to go.

    The case is now Closed due to bail being paid.