CSF vs. ASF Week - 24/03/12 Update #1

  • Ahoy comrades and soldiers of the CSF,

    The ASF vs CSF week started off on the wrong foot, as so far (1:26 AM server time) no CSF fight was happening in Sigma-13 except for ASF's SA_Forlon and for CSF, myself and {LP}Knight{X}. It ended in stalemate, as we were able to hold off Forlon until the battle was declared over. As Commander I am ashamed to see that no one was partaking! And the few CSF and ASF that were online were partaking in a heated battle in Honshu - leaving the main CSF/ASF week. I think that if we can get a few more people to jump in the battle as CSF, we may catch the ASF on the wrong foot. But I have taken into account the timing of this event being so early (1AM), and I hope to see you all in space, as the CSF depend on all of us. We are a team, and we need to start gunning the ASF.

    Commander {LP}50Pack{X} out.

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    Arrrrrrrrrrrr Maty!