news from texas

  • Liberty navy confurme that the notorius pirate shs escaped LPI Sugarland some time ago.
    All comunications were disrupted just befor he escaped. Investigation show that shs was able to get all the staff working there drunk with rum. How he did it is still a mistery.
    Admiral Jonatan Pinkerwalker was sighted to gader his fleet and try to capture shs agen.
    With shs there is only one other prisener missing, the famus inventor and sientest A. Brunstein. He was responsible for the lost of 3 expeditions to Iner core for reasons unknow.
    Meny belive shs let himself be capture so he can get to Brunstein. Investagetor J. Witkins from bretonia sicret servese say that maybe shs need help instaling alien weapon tehnology ot his ships! And for that he need the great mind of A. Brunstein, only he understand how the enevrgu is produse in thouse weapons and how the organic componets work!
    All sirius sector is wating for the nest move of shs.
    stay tuned for more news soon!