Smuggler Roleplay - basic info

  • Smuggler: Congratulations pilot, you picked license which allow you become rich and "powerful" :D in very short time. You will need ofc trade in illegal goods (BMG - Black Market Gods, Artifacts, Cardamine), but you as smuggler do not take care about such small things ;) . Please refer to the CF Server Rules for further information regarding Role Play.

    And now what you can expect on Crossfire:

    If you will trade illegal goods, you can be stopped, fined or fired by any Police officer. Yep, you might expect warning first, but keep in mind, that you might miss this warning for various reasons. Honestly if you will act illegal, then you need expect troubles from police.

    If you will be meet by a pirate, he can stop you and ask about Tax no matter what you trade or what you are doing. You might accept and pay or not and fight. You can also pay and later place bounty on his head :D .

    You can be also attacked by mercenaries. It might be due bounty set on your head, or in case when they will work with police or helping a pirate. Is good to know, that mercenary are not obliged to say “Defend” or give warning while chasing bounties. Well, without warning, it's rough ... but hey, you really believe than life is always easy? ... next to this with a bounty on your head you need to expect attacks all the time! Diplomacy and your reputation is most important here.

    Encounter with another smuggler. You can attack him and he can attack you. Between smugglers you can expect rivalry. Remember, when you do it in a rough way, you might expect reply you might not like. But you can also cooperate. Smugglers are most experienced travelers and traders who want to know all about profitable trade routes in existing universe. Share your information with other smuggler can be wise and you can expect the same help from him in future.

    And now what you are not allowed to do as smuggler (RP). You are not allowed initiate fight with police, mercenary or pirate. It might be different if you know that someone is chasing you, but might you be sure? There is always chance that police or pirate fly around you occasionally using his com and communicate with someone else (or is simply on toilet using autopilot :D ). If you will attack and destroy him without word, you might fast expect troubles ;)

    Note: Remember, Roleplay is here for give you some kind of protection and also this is a way how to keep fun for play for all. If you will act out of RP, you have good chance to face hard consequences. You might ignore this, but if things will be going bad, you can’t tell you weren’t warned.

    OK, you read it all and now you must think … the hell, ALL can attack me but I no one, wt*? Relax, things are not as bad as you might think now. You can (and it is vital do it often) initiate other players (RP) to work with you or help you out of troubles. Mercenaries can be hired by you to perform different task (from give escort firepower to assassinate, attack others who stepped in yours way and tried to stop your way “to be rich” :) and many others tasks … use imagination). You can also post bounties on ppl (might be in some cases better as first warning). Police can be called by you when you are taxed by pirate (ofc is better not have illegal goods in cargo in such case :D).
    Note: Big Thx to Centurian who give me inputs to create this article :thumbup: